Translation of ankle bone in Spanish:

ankle bone

hueso del tobillo, n.


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    hueso del tobillo masculine
    astrágalo masculine technical
    taba feminine technical
    • He needed to make sure the procedure was even feasible, that the tissue around a human ankle bone was soft enough to be penetrated by sutures.
    • I can still walk fine, but at the end point of flexion there is some tightness and pain around the inside ankle bone.
    • The lower tibia and fibula epiphyses form the lumps that we see and feel at the sides of our ankles and call ankle bones.
    • The beating ended with a final blow to the back off Alia's leg, just a few inches above the ankle bone.
    • The flats I had chosen to wear on my feet had not been made for walking, and I could feel a small blister developing just under my ankle bone.
    • The remains include a complete tibia and shoulder blade, as well as parts of a femur, ribs, vertebrae, collarbone and pelvis, as well as an ankle bone.
    • Bruce Latimer, director of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio, said an ankle bone and tibia discovered at the site proves the creature walked upright.
    • After dancing in long-running shows like Chicago, Kiss Me Kate and Thoroughly Modern Millie, he had to have part of his left ankle bone removed.
    • It hit my leg and my ankle bone before settling down on the top of my foot.
    • Furthermore, the astragalus and calcaneum, ankle bones, are greatly elongate, providing an additional level in the legs of frogs, which they utilize in jumping.
    • The bones which constitute the ankle are the two long bones of the lower leg (tibia and fibula), which articulate with a short ankle bone called the talus.
    • ‘Direct and sustained pressure should not be applied to the area between the ankle bone and heel on both sides of the foot,’ she adds.
    • The transplant, carried out last week, involved the implant of the entire ankle joint including ankle bone and cartilage.
    • After applying the anesthetic Marcaine to the area, Morgan sewed in three stitches directly through the skin and attached them to both ligament and deep connective tissue located next to the ankle bone itself.
    • Last year I suffered badly from bruised ankle bones, so I was desperate to find a good solution.
    • The ankle bone sits within the ankle "Mortise" or hinge which is made up of the two leg bones, the tibia and fibula.