Translation of Annunciation in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ənʌnsɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n//əˌnənsiˈeɪʃən/


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    the Annunciation la Anunciación
    • The day of the annunciation was one such day for Mary, and her response was completely in line with a pattern that had formed her whole life up to that point.
    • If I sense that I am in the shadow of God’ - as Mary was ‘overshadowed’ at the annunciation - ‘I find light, so much light that my vision improves dramatically.’
    • NONE OF THE VERY first Christians know anything about an annunciation to Mary by the Angel Gabriel, and they know of no Virgin Birth, Star of Bethlehem, Wise Men, Herod, slaughter of the innocents or the flight into Egypt.
    • As the story of the annunciation has already told us, Jesus' life and ministry are the embodiment of the work of God's Spirit.
    • The first two are choral works with orchestra, the last a symphonic fanfare, and together they take listeners on a difficult but satisfying journey of faith and wonder, from the annunciation to the promise of Man's salvation.
    • Zechariah, however, is given a punitive sign, while the annunciation to Mary concludes with her pledge of willing submission.
    • The Qu'ran has also verses on the Annunciation, Visitation, and Nativity.
    • It's a painting of the Annunciation, from, I think, the Renaissance.
    • The service is concerned with the celebration of the annunciation of the holy mother of God, he said.
    • Gabriel is best known as the angel of the annunciation.
    • In Matthew's Nativity, the angelic Annunciation is made to Joseph while Luke's is to Mary.
    • On retreat prior to our moving, I read and reread the story of the annunciation.
    • There in a window above the altar was Mary and her story, the annunciation and visitation; at the bottom of the window there was also a depiction of the donors, The Guild of Bakers.
    • Two of the recorded events in Mary's life illustrate the different aspects and possible interpretations of Marian theology: the annunciation and her magnificat on her visit to her cousin Elizabeth.