Translation of anodyne in Spanish:


anodino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈænəˌdaɪn//ˈanədʌɪn/


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    • In front of millions of his viewers he is taking a moral position - a far cry from the days of anodyne news reports which assiduously avoided taking positions.
    • That memoir has now become an even more anodyne film, to be released in Britain next week.
    • I want to be able to turn on Radio 1 and hear you playing your own unique music one day, stopping that flow of anodyne pop nothingness.
    • Once in a while, anodyne comment emerges in the mainstream about the ‘dumbing down’ of news.
    • This debut album is breathtakingly anodyne stuff.
    • I just find their music very anodyne, its very ‘consistent’, it lacks variation and is very safe - and that's the problem for the film.
    • The sound effects - such as the perfect hollow pop every time Sara takes her pills - work in harmony with the images to convey the dull repetition and anodyne ritual that make up any addiction.
    • It is not any part of my purpose to present a bland or anodyne view of the Bible.
    • The film is a cute, anodyne fantasy of 70s rock, based on his adventures as a kid reporter with Rolling Stone.
    • Under contract to Rank, he played so many anodyne heroes that he became ‘the idol of the Odeons‘.
    • In essence, they are largely anodyne affairs and an opportunity for leaders to fire up the troops before going into battle.
    • Overall, it's a little too anodyne and pleasant.
    • At other moments - for all the Chorus's endeavours - the concert is let down by anodyne music and lyrics.
    • If the utterly mainstream, occasionally anodyne nature of the entertainer's work makes him hard to accept as an enormously significant black role model, so too does his apparent oblivion to racial politics.
    • So, instead, we got a relatively neutral, anodyne report from the committee.
    • Most attendees, however, will probably have more anodyne concerns to tussle with: like where did they leave their car in the first place, and how to drive with six inches of mud on their boots.
    • The whole film strays dangerously close to anodyne children's television fare at this stage.
    • Faced between one party with bland anodyne policies crafted not to offend anyone, and another with evil policies which it truly believes in, voters will always pick the party with the courage of its convictions.
    • ‘He would say anodyne things that didn't offend people,’ says Scottish historian Richard Finlay.
    • It said that it had merely offered bland anodyne advice that it would offer to anybody who asked for it, and said that what happened next was certainly nothing to do with it.


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    calmante masculine
    • The root, which is rather toxic, has anodyne and soporific properties.
    • It displays diuretic, anodyne, styptic, digestive, antihelminthic, expectorant, antipyretic, and antiemetic properties.
    • It is an anti-inflammatory, tonic astringent, diaphoretic, stomachic, nervine, anodyne and antiseptic.