Translation of anorexic in Spanish:


anoréxico, adj.

Pronunciation /anəˈrɛksɪk//ˌænəˈrɛksɪk/


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    • Earlier at the hospital, we were informed that Samantha had been anorexic and bulimic.
    • Yet, her arms were so thin and bony that Sandra was reminded of the anorexic girl from her math class, the one that dreamed of being a ballerina, but later on had to be hospitalized for her food disorder.
    • When I was at college there was a girl who went around telling everyone that she was anorexic.
    • It has been alleged these women have anorexia - as have countless other celebs over the years - so are we suggesting it is good to be anorexic?
    • Massage reduced anxiety in depressed children and anorexic women.
    • In the case of an anorexic patient, the guardian would approve resuscitation and psychiatric interventions.
    • A group treatment program was designed for anorexic clients attending a multidisciplinary, outpatient eating disorders clinic in a general hospital.
    • Erin had been a very thin and somewhat sickly girl, supposedly anorexic or bulimic.
    • He eventually became anorexic and then bulimic.
    • Families are distressed by the anorexic behavior, which resists both entreaties and threats.
    • Can you even be anorexic and bulimic at the same time?
    • Looking at contexts where lightness is celebrated in music, literature and the arts one writer suggests anorexic behaviour is more than a pattern of psychiatric symptoms.
    • About 3% of these go too far, and become anorexic or bulimic
    • Ongoing inpatient psychotherapy helps to dismantle the anorexic belief system.
    • Women with bulimic or anorexic female relatives are four to five times more likely to develop the disorder, and twin studies reveal that the genetic risk factor may be as high as 58 percent.
    • Other variations of eating disorders occur, such as purging without bingeing, chewing and spitting without purging, and anorexic behavior with less severe weight loss.
    • Meanwhile, one group of patients continues to worry clinicians and researchers: adults with anorexia, estimated to make up about 35 percent of anorexic patients.
    • The difference is that the anorexic young woman has anorexic thinking and feeling influencing every decision and action in her life. She is often very afraid.
    • When it came to anorexic or bulimic girls, I wouldn't book them until they got better.
    • Although both bulimic and anorectic patients have abnormal eating habits and often exercise excessively, bulimia can be determined by the habit of binge eating and purging.


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    anoréxico masculine
    anoréxica feminine
    • People with cancer may have an increased need for zinc, and anorexics may not receive adequate dietary sources of zinc.
    • No matter how thin the anorexic gets, she sees herself as fat and stops at nothing to get thinner.
    • Arguably, an insatiable quest for perfection might be said to characterize not only most anorexics but most designers, too.
    • Her 13-year-old daughter, Lianna, comes home from school and tells her mother about all the wannabe anorexics and bulimics obsessing about food.
    • Most anorexics do recover, after all: somehow, and despite the violence visited on them in the name of therapy, the physical and psychological invasion, they recover, fatten, compromise.
    • Some of the youngest sufferers are the children of anorexics and bulimics, many of whom raise their families with bizarre attitudes towards food.
    • But with the iron self-discipline typical of anorexics, she kept cutting back her food intake until she weighed just over 39 kg and lacked the energy to move.
    • Some researchers believe that anorexics use the restriction of food to self-medicate painful feelings and distressing moods.
    • With anorexics it is more noticeable, as the weight loss is usually much more sudden and severe.
    • Manchester's only specialist clinic for anorexics and bulimics with potentially fatal conditions is under threat of closure to save NHS cash.
    • University experts in Sheffield have scooped £10,000 to help anorexics overcome their eating disorders with the creation of ‘early intervention’ clinics.
    • The truth is, 40 percent of anorexics relapse within four years.
    • Without them, there would still be the same number of anorexics because it isn't about the sites, it's about the weight and state of mind.
    • The most serious anorexics can have a BMI as low as seven.
    • There are lots of anorexics and bulimics in this business.
    • Dr Bratman believes that people who are obsessed with eating ‘healthily’ have a real problem, and should be taken as seriously as an anorexic or bulimic.
    • Dr. Katzman, the chief researcher, and her team are studying 50 recovered anorexics who were diagnosed during their teens.
    • Drug addicts, alcoholics, bulimics, anorexics, and sex addicts line up to claim social causes of their problems.
    • About 20% of anorexics eventually die while 40% recover and the remainder continue to suffer for years.
    • Some anorexics need to be hospitalized and administered intravenous fluids.