Translation of answer in Spanish:


respuesta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑːnsə//ˈænsər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(reply)

      respuesta feminine
      contestación feminine
      what was their answer? ¿qué respondieron / contestaron?
      • (to doorbell, phone) there's no answer no contestan
      • answer to sth respuesta a algo
      • in answer to your letter en relación con / con relación a su carta
      • in answer to your question en repuesta a tu pregunta
      • I can't get an answer out of him no consigo que me dé una respuesta / contestación
      • by way of (an) answer como toda / por toda respuesta
      • he's got an answer for everything! ¡tiene una respuesta para todo!
      • He gave a flippant answer saying I should thank my lucky stars he had not billed me for it earlier.
      • Those are all questions deserving honest answers.
      • This is not a situation where a single answer is going to be completely correct.
      • We will never know, since pollsters, like trial lawyers, always avoid questions whose answers might prove embarrassing or unforeseen.
      • We have to research these questions and not give flippant answers.
      • How can these people give anything but the expected answers in such situations?
      • When you get an answer, acknowledge it before asking additional probing questions.
      • The short answer is that this situation really has nothing to do with you.
      • It's more that I found myself asking the same questions, hearing the same answers and writing the same stories.
      • So I scurried up to my office, got the transcript of the questions and answers, came back to the House, and took a point of order.
      • Janice was always asking too many questions while never waiting for an answer.
      • The ambulance came and took him away, asking questions, getting no answers in return.
      • I was a little confused because his statements weren't really answers, but more like walks around an answer, like a politician would do.
      • Basically, there are several situations and the answer would vary in each case.
      • Consider the truth of the statement: if the answer is yes, then how do you feel about it.
      • What's more interesting is the questions my friends ask and their reactions to the answers.
      • Voltaire's answer was a classic statement of the atheist position.
      • She skated across the rink and came back next to me waiting for an answer.
      • He was unprepared and without an answer, and the situation suddenly seemed awkward.
      • He disclosed that the matter had been forwarded to the Labour Courts, notifying it of the workers' situation and answers are expected soon.

    • 1.2(response)

      answer (to sth)
      • her answer to his rudeness was to ignore it respondió a su grosería ignorándola
      • Britain's answer to Elvis Presley el Elvis Presley británico

    • 1.3Law

      contestación feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1(in exam, test, quiz)

      respuesta feminine
      the answer is 210 la respuesta / solución es 210
      • I remembered to put in the answer to last weeks puzzle but now I can't remember what the answer is!
      • To make sure that the team was on the right track, and prevent people taking unauthorised short cuts, there were simple questions for which the team had to write down short answers.
      • They have already, we note, calmly written their answer down some time before.
      • But before we get onto the winners, here are the correct answers.
      • As their teacher rattled off numbers in Chinese, the duo listened, picked up their markers, wrote identical answers on whiteboards and held it up for the audience to see!
      • You can write down the answers on a separate sheet or you can call in to the Sligo Weekender offices and pick up a special entry form.
      • With only a handful of correct answers received for last week's quiz, there is still no third place winner.
      • Thanks to Maura for her questions and answers and the next quiz will be set by Therese Mc Kernan.
      • Fortunately, Egg gives you the correct answers at the end of the test along with some pointers about which aspects of knowledge you need to mug up on.
      • Sitting in Chemistry, Rachel beside me was working on our practical essay, and I was writing down the answers.
      • This test gives you the correct answers after each question and teaches the tricks for answering smarter on the next test!
      • The winning team managed to get a whopping 96 out of hundred correct answers and they won two All-Ireland tickets for their endeavours.
      • Each kid is asked the same three questions, and they write their answers down.
      • The ex-Army major, 41, of High Street, Easterton, used coughs from an accomplice to steer him to the correct answers.
      • Players are then tasked to pick the correct answer from a list of four potential solutions.
      • The students took the test, writing down the answers with feather pens as best as they could.
      • The audience loved the questions thrown open to them and many students and also some parents walked away with the prizes for the correct answers.
      • Constructed-response questions required the students to provide written responses explaining their answers.
      • You have until lunchtime (UK time) on Christmas Eve, at which point I will reveal the answers, with accompanying explanations.
      • The answer to #2 is perhaps only obvious when you actually know the answer!
      • Maybe I don't have any answers, just questions.
      • Just answer the following question and write your answer on a postcard.
      • The teacher writes questions and answers on the blackboard - or the newer green, or white boards, and the students copy them down dutifully.
      • I eventually resorted to writing down the answers in Japanese.
      • Anyway, when it came to the essay segments, I wrote my answers like a 4th grader.
      • In terms of being concise, plan your answer, write down key issues and words and build sentences and paragraphs around those.
      • And this becomes your work for the rest of the year - to go over and over those three questions until the pupils could write the answers in their sleep.
      • Back in the famous Quiz Show Scandals, the horrifying revelation was that certain contestants had been given the questions and the answers in advance.
      • Finally, after writing her last answer, she put her pencil down and massaged her temples.
      • Ponder each question and take your answers seriously.
      • I loved the extra cross references, summaries, and test questions complete with the correct answers.
      • I'll publish the correct answers when we resurface from under a pile of boxes.
      • You'll need a pen, to write down your answers, and at the end we'll tally up and see whether you've got em right or not.
      • She peered at the test and hurriedly wrote down the answers as the bell rang for her to go to lunch.
      • He still came up with an impressive 7 correct answers.
      • We got close to 70 correct answers in fifteen minutes.
      • You do not need to write out the answers, just do it using your mind.
      • She wrote ridiculous answers on a history test so she would get an F.
      • Dyslexic people get more time, as they find it more difficult to read the question and write the answer.
      • All I needed was the answer to number thirty but she was selfish and didn't give me the answer.

    • 2.2(solution)

      solución feminine
      violence is not the answer la violencia no es la solución
      • there's only one answer: we'll have to sell the car solo tenemos una solución: vender el coche
      • answer to sth respuesta a algo
      • the answer to all their problems la solución de todos sus problemas
      • Depression is a very complex topic, which affords no easy answers or solutions.
      • Soft power is neither the problem nor the answer; the real solution is to get the policy right.
      • If your sincerest desire is to avoid hurting anybody's feelings, the answer is never to write or say anything controversial.
      • The geriatric care manager must understand the people he or she is working with, what their values are, and come to each situation with no prescribed answers.
      • There are no miracle solutions, no magical answers, no easy everybody-wins way out.
      • Departments with high rates of attrition among graduate students need to look to their own practices for answers and solutions.
      • Again, somewhat like global expansion, there are no simple answers and the situation is changing with enormous speed.
      • It is not a situation which permits easy answers in the short term.
      • This has to be handled VERY delicately, and there are no easy answers or obvious solutions.
      • I wish I could conclude this column with a conclusion, but there are no easy answers or solutions.
      • The current situation poses many questions and few easy answers.
      • In all other situations the answer may well be for couples to file for divorce.
      • You can understand why alcohol can often seem like the best answer in such situations.
      • The smallpox dilemma has no simple answers, and making the correct decision may, literally, be a matter of life and death.
      • But this is a situation with no easy answers, and there are real limits on what even a country as powerful as the United States can do about it.
      • There may, of course, be situations where the answer may not be obvious and alternatives may have to be tried.
      • Of course, satire is not about finding answers or solutions.
      • Unfortunately, this theme does not carry the weight that it purports to carry, providing no resolution and no answers.
      • There are no all-encompassing answers, only local solutions, compromises, and on-going negotiations.
      • If your inner geek needs a lift, International Rocket Week may be the answer, writes Rachel Devine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(reply to)

      (person/letter) contestar
      answer your father when he's speaking to you! ¡contéstale a tu padre cuando te habla!
      • we must answer their letter tenemos que contestar (a) su carta
      • I can't answer your question no puedo contestar (a) su pregunta
      • if they ask me where you are, what shall I answer? si me preguntan dónde estás, ¿qué contesto?
      • because it's too far, she answered —porque está muy lejos —contestó / respondió
      • I do have a tremendous correspondence, and I answer all the letters as soon as I can.
      • I answered all who wrote to me and felt deeply humbled by their stories.
      • There is no harm, however, in being able to adapt parts of these answers to particular questions providing you are answering the question.
      • Reading through the test, he answered each question in his head.
      • I hoped for some reaction but instead she answered, ‘That's good,’ and pointed at my paper.
      • If you are interested in answering the questions or in providing feedback on them, please go over to the 20 Questions blog I set up for that purpose.
      • I'm not going to credit the site I got this quiz from until all the questions are answered.
      • All you have to do is answer the question below, indicating which game you would like to see.
      • Such exploration may be accomplished through a homework assignment in which both partners or an entire family answers the questions below.
      • I answered the question later in the essay.
      • ‘Well, Jason, it seems as if Miss Anders was one of the apartment owners,’ he answered, writing my name down on the pad of paper.
      • Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly.
      • ‘I don't know,’ I answered truthfully, and the uncertainty changed to confusion.
      • And once you can answer that truthfully to yourself, the rest is easy.
      • I've still got a pile of e-mails to answer, a report to write, and a Master's course to work on.
      • At the meeting the Chairman (a director) presents a Statement of Affairs and answers questions regarding the company's affairs.
      • I blithely answered, ‘No, I plan to write two filmscripts and a novel.’
      • He was playing with them and answering the simple quiz questions that the girls are asking.
      • Such an strategy might work well for testing a thesis or answering a set of questions.
      • We know that this Minister answered in writing - with the answer as at April - and now he refuses to give that answer to the House.
      • I answered truthfully, and was not made to feel guilty at all.
      • When asked why it didn't the company answered that it wrote to as many passengers as possible suggesting that they apply for a refund.
      • One of them is where I will drag and drop correspondence that I cannot answer right away.
      • Test your knowledge about farm safety by answering the following questions.
      • On the first few occasions, I had truthfully answered no.
      • She answers e-mails and writes a chatty, informative diary.
      • However, it is not clear why we found no evidence of response bias in answering multiple-choice questions as Walker et al. did.
      • I got exempted from a quiz just for answering a question and then in math, we were going to have a chapter test, but the teacher told us that she thought we were all ready to move on.
      • Sometimes, we place people who are interviewed or who complete a questionnaire in the position of informants rather than as respondents answering questions about themselves.
      • It is strange and paradoxical how our main problem has ended up being how to answer so many correspondences.
      • Its Colouring Book link has small pictures of the flags useful for answering the questions in this Quiz.
      • An equally serious problem could arise if children had a prepotent response bias for answering multiple choice questions.
      • That was a bit funny, and it was interesting to see people's reactions when she answered all the questions that were being thrown at her.
      • Sample sizes varied across the questions tested, since all firms did not answer every question.
      • Then he underwent a personality test where he had to answer questions about what was most like him and least like him.
      • Remember when we had to write an essay, answering that question-would you rather be blind or deaf?
      • She answered in a fluently written letter about the death of her husband.
      • When nobody answered, he wrote on the board ‘unfair treatment’.
      • As well as being a fascinating read, it is also a fantastic source of general knowledge and a great help in answering quiz questions and solving crossword puzzles.

    • 1.2

      (telephone) contestar
      (telephone) atender Latin America
      (telephone) coger Spain
      will you answer the door? ¿vas tú (a abrir)?
      • He rang the bell, waiting only seconds before the housekeeper answered the door.
      • He then heard his bell ring several times but didn't answer the door.
      • After ringing and knocking for some time Sid finally answered the door.
      • A little old lady answers a knock at the door where she's accosted by a vacuum cleaner salesman.
      • Over the two weeks, she will answer knocks to her door and allow people to handle the relic and pray in her house.
      • When we rang the doorbell, Maggie answered the door.
      • She answered the door before I could ring the doorbell.
      • She answered the knock, peering through a crack in the door.
      • One word of advice suggests that if a householder answers a knock at their front door, they should first ensure that the back door is locked.
      • Our friend took himself along to the address and, in truth, he didn't have to ask questions when the woman of the house answered his front door knock.
      • He has not been returning calls or answering my knocks on his door.
      • The 83-year-old man answered a knock at the door of the house in Bag Lane, Atherton, without putting the security chain on because he thought it was a taxi they had ordered.
      • Caroline seemed genuinely pleased to see him when she answered a knock on her back door.
      • She giggled, getting up to answer the patient knock at the door.
      • I knocked and knocked, and nobody answered the door.
      • As she answered the front door she saw her son had opened her bedroom window and was leaning out for a closer look.
      • She recovered from shock and answered the cell phone.
      • Hope answered the door, her face grim when she saw him.
      • A few minutes later, the larger of the suspects answered a polite knock on the door.
      • The victim's five-year-old son answered a knock at the front door to a man who asked him to get his daddy, said police.

    • 1.3

      (criticism/critic) responder a
      • There is also that famous quote from Peter Cook answering the accusation that the 1960s satire boom was damaging to society.
      • Fifteen Cardiff supporters appeared in court this week to answer charges of hooliganism.
      • He was hauled before the Board of Control to answer charges over his behaviour.
      • But before he left to return to his Pembury estate, he delivered a letter to Elizabeth, answering her charges.
      • Problems and setbacks had to be ridden out, attacks had to be answered, criticisms had to be parried, and Ministers had to be appeased and cajoled.
      • He was found to be unfit to answer charges because he was suffering from a brain-wasting disease.
      • A warrant for his arrest was issued yesterday after he failed to attend court on Friday to answer a new charge of shoplifting.
      • To pile stupidity on stupidity, none of the three bothered to turn up to answer the charge against them.
      • As such, he is qualified to discuss the state of the industry and answer some criticisms.
      • My sister pointed out if she had made her horse wait 18 months she would have found herself in front of a judge, answering charges of cruelty to animals, and rightfully so.
      • He would simply decline to refute the evidence presented or answer in any way the charges against him.
      • It will be his first chance to publicly answer the criticisms that have been levelled against him.
      • He summoned him before the royal court to answer trumped-up charges.
      • In his Biographical Memoir he has ably answered the criticisms of his character.
      • Marius Wilson has not been served legal documents to answer the case against him in court
      • In the second week of August the government was obliged to answer accusations of negligence and indifference.
      • In this paper, I choose to answer the charge that I do not have an iota of proof.
      • ‘At his trial, Ian was prevented by his deafness from answering the accusations against him,’ said Elspeth.
      • He summoned Luther to Rome to answer charges of heresy and rebelling against church authority.
      • If you've got the evidence, put it into the process and let the people answer the charges - it's only natural justice.
      • He was adept at answering simplistic criticism with simplistic retorts.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (need) satisfacer
      their prayers were answered el cielo escuchó sus plegarias
      • The technology answers the needs of ever-changing political platforms and campaigns.
      • Now that's sensible, answering a distinct need.
      • They are answering the demand with products streamlined for the male consumer.
      • It is possible that no single model will ever answer the clinical needs of all families.
      • So we've answered the need for computing 24 hours a day.
      • Freight transport by inland waterways is particularly suitable to answer Russia's needs.
      • Literary translation, especially of the great works of the past, never answers a pressing need, nor is it a competitive activity.
      • It answers their need for an excuse to go straight, while not at the same time surrendering to the morality of a society they believe has wronged them deeply.
      • Indeed, throughout most of history, these crude forms of fuel answered the world's energy needs.
      • Litigation answers a deep need in all of us for justice.
      • Period rooms evolved gradually to answer the changing needs of the family.
      • But the burden of answering the needs of some 500 families in Blackburn and Darwen, and many more across East Lancashire, has put the family on the bread line.
      • It has been established to answer a national need for more doctors and will take 130 students a year.
      • Of much more importance to a business owner is whether the replacement answers the needs of his business.
      • Yet it is as equally true to say that, in his later career, he answered a need created by a dangerous imbalance in the structure of the Stuart state.
      • He believes the magazine is popular because it answers the needs of local readers.
      • Governments for the most part, even progressing democracies, are currently reacting as oppressors rather than public servants answering the needs of the people.
      • The response centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer any need.
      • Dr Lennon said the project would answer the demand for elderly housing and care in the Newport area for the next number of years.
      • The new park, established by presidential decree three years ago, answers a need for conservation areas.

    • 2.2(fit)

      to answer (to) a description responder a una descripción
      • he saw a woman answering (to) that description vio a una mujer que respondía a esa descripción

    • 2.3

      to answer the helm obedecer al timón

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I wrote and they answered almost immediately escribí y me contestaron casi inmediatamente
    • I phoned but no one answered llamé por teléfono pero no contestaron
    • if the doorbell rings, don't answer si tocan el timbre, no contestes/abras