Translation of Antarctic in Spanish:


antártico, adj.

Pronunciation: /anˈtɑːktɪk//æn(t)ˈɑrktɪk/


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    the Antarctic Ocean el Océano Antártico
    • the Antarctic Circle el Círculo Polar Antártico
    • The results, though, did not assess the overall contribution of the entire Antarctic ice sheet to sea level rise.
    • Amanda could, for example, be installed at any Antarctic site where the glacial ice is thick and free of dust.
    • This is assuming that the Antarctic and Arctic ice caps will remain constant.
    • I've just returned from spending a month at Palmer Station, a US research base on the Antarctic peninsular.
    • So much water is currently locked up in the Antarctic ice sheet that if it melted it would raise sea levels by a further 150 ft or more.
    • During the Antarctic winter the South Pole becomes the coldest place on the planet.
    • Ross was involved in eight Arctic and Antarctic expeditions after joining the navy in 1812.
    • He had wondered how Antarctic fish stay alive in waters cold enough to freeze them.
    • It recreates the vegetation and animal life in the Antarctic and Arctic regions.
    • Such ideas naturally discouraged further exploration to the Antarctic region for many centuries to come.
    • You can almost feel the bitter cold and biting Antarctic wind in this excellent biography of a polar hero.
    • The Antarctic continent is colder for a number of reasons; topography being one of the most relevant.
    • Their journey begins in early December at Hercules Inlet on the frozen Antarctic coast.
    • There was still some cheese, dry biscuits, and dried apples in my pack from lunch a few days ago, as food rarely spoils in the cold Antarctic climate.
    • The Emperor penguins are large and found only in the Antarctic regions.
    • Arctic and Antarctic exploration remains a staple of the book publishing industry.
    • Shackleton's last journey would be with the goal of circumnavigating the Antarctic continent.
    • The Antarctic region harbors the most extreme climate and the most narrow biodiversity of all continents.
    • This reduced the mixing of warm, tropical ocean water and cold, polar water causing the buildup of the Antarctic polar ice cap.
    • The Northern Lights are a phenomenon that is seen in the skies on clear, dark nights in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.


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    the Antarctic la región antártica