Translation of antique in Spanish:


antigüedad, n.

Pronunciation /ænˈtik//anˈtiːk/


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    antigüedad feminine
    antique shop tienda de antigüedades feminine
    • My parents' love for antiques and fine art was made evident in every corner of the house.
    • According to Delaney, the pieces are antiques of the future as the furniture is recognised for its high design.
    • Some people invest in antiques, art, property, wine or other assets.
    • He was interested in shooting, car restoration, collecting antiques, and assorted entrepreneurial schemes.
    • For example, consider the dark corner of an antiques store where stacks of pictures gather dust.
    • The Summer Fair is the largest fully vetted fine art and antiques fair in the UK, comprising over 330 dealers.
    • Carefully-chosen classic antiques and quality paintings should yield solid returns over time.
    • A wide selection of quality antiques and collectables for sale.
    • He also had a collection of Pennsylvania mining antiques and framed mining certificates.
    • The antiques dealer found the letters in a box of books and miscellaneous items, which was to be thrown out.
    • His hobbies include collecting antiques, hats and matches, opera, golf and of course, his horses.
    • Sixty or so art and antiques dealers will occupy the ground floor, some twenty jewellers the lower level.
    • With something to suit everybody from furniture, antiques, plants, tools and other gifts, a visit is a must.
    • In the 18th century the indicator was called a bottle ticket; today collectors of wine antiques call it a wine label.
    • The show turns people's antiques and collectables into cash at a house sale and then auction.
    • The home was well maintained and was furnished with many antiques and wall hangings from around the world.
    • The Treasury offers antiques, collectibles and a small inventory of contemporary items.
    • Around this time, he met an antiques dealer named Lucille Teasel.
    • There are gilt-framed paintings, oriental antiques, a sofa in trademark red with cream piping.
    • It's huge, vast, echoing, filled with pieces of Bali, antiques, art pieces, a huge chair collection.


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    (jewelry/lace) antiguo
    (furniture) antiguo
    (furniture) de época
    37? why, you're positively antique! ¿37? ¡eres un vejestorio! informal
    • In fact Proust's life is as delicate, and as easily thrown out of balance as an antique clock.
    • Intruders used a fireside peat basket to carry antique silverware, porcelain and clocks to a waiting van.
    • At various points in my life I have amassed and then jettisoned quantities of antique egg beaters, old buttons and - here's the embarrassing one - pictures of unicorns.
    • What I like is the collection of antique clocks on display in the inner part of the ground floor.
    • Maybe all that early web-site material will have historic and antique value.
    • Her technique has a photographic quality that mimics antique silver gelatin prints.
    • But the fact that the building is fully furnished with some of Scotland's finest antique pieces adds to the value which the Executive should have to pay.
    • Police found the antique gun in a grandfather clock at Holy Rood vicarage in Swinton.
    • Very old pieces with their original finish should usually not be repainted or refinished as you may remove the indications of their authenticity and antique value.
    • A Georgian silver cutlery set, an antique carriage clock, a pendulum clock, rings, a pocket watch, cash and a purse were among items taken.
    • In the corner of his elegant, third-floor City of London sanctum, just behind his antique desk, there is a grandfather clock marking time.
    • As he sat on the edge of the large double bed that Emma had slept on last night and looked through an obviously antique jewellery box he found himself suddenly fascinated by the value of the items it held.
    • In the most hurtful insult, the antique bureau bought by his late wife was taken, along with the personal letters it contained, and his daughter's wedding dress and presents were snatched, too.
    • The table used for massage brought from Kerala has antique as well as medicinal value since they were made of trees with medicinal value.
    • Officers found an antique, double-barrelled Derringer hidden in a walnut grandfather clock in his bedroom.
    • I used to stomp out of my room in protest in the evenings after he placed an antique clock from Turkey outside my room.
    • A wide range of distinctive antique items - from jewellery, porcelain and paintings to clocks and a selection of furniture - will be on sale.
    • There is something beautifully reassuring about the presence of an antique grandfather clock in a home; it makes a statement about permanence and comfort that's hard to beat.
    • Get your antique treasures valued as part of Hextable Heritage Centre's annual heritage day.
    • But their happy day turned to misery when they got home at 11.15 pm to find more than 30 items of jewellery, including antique pearls and brooches, taken.