Translation of anyhow in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɛnɪhaʊ//ˈɛniˌhaʊ/


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    de cualquier manera
    the clothes had been thrown on the bed anyhow habían tirado la ropa de cualquier manera en la cama
    • Colour seemed flung down anyhow, anywhere; every sort of colour, piled up in heaps.
    • From his vantage point, Kheda could clearly see a heap of quilts were tossed all anyhow on a narrow bed.
    • My pictures are all scattered anyhow so it may take some time to accumulate them.
    • We didn't get any maid service the following day but that was fine with me because we had most of our belongings strewn around anyhow.
    • At the camp at Kokinia, outside Athens, 'lorries were being hurriedly packed, stores and equipment were flung about anyhow, officers' valises and suitcases were lying open with their contents scattered around as if the owners had made a hasty choice of their more valuable belongings at the last moment.