Translation of anything in Spanish:


algo, pron.

Pronunciation /ˈɛnɪθɪŋ//ˈɛniˌθɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(something)

      anything missing? ¿falta algo?
      • anything wrong? ¿pasa algo?
      • anything here you fancy? ¿hay aquí algo que te guste?
      • anything else? ¿algo más?
      • do you want anything from the shop? ¿quieres algo de la tienda?
      • have you seen anything of Dick lately? ¿has visto a Dick últimamente?
      • have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? ¡habráse oído semejante ridiculez!
      • is there anything you don't understand? ¿hay algo que no entiendas?
      • if anything goes wrong si algo sale mal
      • this will persuade her if anything will si hay algo que la pueda convencer, es esto
      • if you say anything more, I shall scream como digas una palabra más, me da un ataque
      • if anything, he seemed slightly worse en todo caso, parecía que estaba algo peor
      • what, if anything, ought we to do? ¿qué deberíamos hacer, si es que deberíamos hacer algo?
      • get professional advice before you do anything antes de hacer nada, asesórate con un profesional
      • before anything is decided antes de decidir nada
      • The truth of the matter is there isn't anything in the gift line that I want, let alone need.
      • Nobody said anything though, and it may have just been dismissed as a jokey comment.
      • It is unbelievable that Labour should be doing this and nobody says anything about it.
      • He had no convictions for anything of a similar nature.
      • With so many exciting projects and prospects, is there anything he would wish for?
      • Yes it was a good technology, but nobody cared enough about it to write anything for it.
      • That division is a matter of our linguistic systems and not anything about knowledge.
      • Fill them out with examples drawn from your texts and analyse anything that you quote or refer to.
      • The thug then warned her to stay in the office and not to do anything for 10 minutes.
      • We are left wondering whether they had anything more to offer than tea and sympathy.
      • Suddenly, neither of us had anything to say to one another aside from the matter in hand.
      • They both got in touch and asked us for demos, but we never heard anything back.
      • Anyone who can remember anything that may help police are asked to come forward.
      • The issue is whether we have any power or duty to do anything about the situation which has arisen.
      • The Government is getting more revenue but in return the public is not getting anything.
      • I do not know whether there is anything else that you might be able to assist us on?
      • A man walked up to the elderly woman and without saying anything started punching her.
      • The owner threatened to scream and the two men left the property without taking anything.
      • The question is no longer whether to buy this or that, it is whether to buy anything at all.
      • There was no time to assess whether anything was stolen or the extent of the damage.

    • 1.2(a single thing)

      don't say anything! ¡no digas nada!
      • she hadn't had anything to eat no había comido nada
      • I can't think of anything to buy him no se me ocurre nada que comprarle
      • hardly anything casi nada
      • without saying anything sin decir nada

  • 2

    • 2.1(whatever)

      she loves anything that has almonds in it le encanta todo lo que lleve almendras
      • anything you like lo que prefieras
      • anything you say! ¡lo que tú digas!
      • we'll do anything we can to help haremos todo lo que podamos para ayudar
      • this interests me more than anything else esto me interesa más que cualquier otra cosa
      • more out of fear than anything else más por miedo que por (cualquier) otra cosa
      • anything urgent should be brought to my attention immediately se me debe informar inmediatamente de cualquier caso (or problema etc.) urgente
      • don't attempt anything too demanding no intentes hacer nada que te exija demasiado
      • anything over 10,000 words is too long si es de más de 10.000 palabras, es demasiado largo
      • she could be in hospital for anything up to three weeks puede que tenga que quedarse hasta tres semanas en el hospital

    • 2.2(no matter what)

      I need something to write on: anything will do necesito algo donde escribir: cualquier cosa sirve
      • anything is possible todo es posible
      • anything could happen podría pasar cualquier cosa
      • I'll try anything once estoy siempre dispuesto a probar cosas nuevas
      • I'd do anything for you haría lo que fuera / cualquier cosa por ti
      • he eats anything come de todo
      • anything for a change lo que sea, con tal de cambiar
      • I wouldn't do that for anything no haría eso por nada del mundo