Translation of apart in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈpɑrt//əˈpɑːt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(separated)

      they have lived apart for some years hace ya algunos años que viven separados
      • keep them apart manténgalos separados
      • why does she always sit apart? ¿por qué se sienta siempre sola?
      • her intelligence set her apart se destacaba por su inteligencia
      • a thing/woman apart una cosa/mujer distinta / especial
      • Many spouses live apart for considerable periods of time; often the economic situation is so desperate that they have to look for means of subsistence on their own.
      • People are brought together, not pushed apart.
      • He likens it to a marriage, spiked with petulant tiffs, where affection has cooled into mutual respect and where the partners are increasingly living apart together.
      • Yet he and his wife Sarah have spent most of their life together apart, her in Cheshire and him in West London, and have considered separating in the past.
      • Groups such as Family Mediation Scotland are attempting to help families stay together, but apart.
      • This is where a man and woman consider themselves a couple, but live apart.
      • More than that, theirs is a great love story, an exquisitely painful romance of two self-proclaimed soulmates who can't live together yet can't live apart.
      • I think the only way we will survive is if we live apart, the main reason is because he is constantly blaming the fact that I am a model, for the problems I am having.
      • The survey confirmed that couples preferred to be poorer and happy apart than together, comfortably off and miserable.
      • I also feel for me and my fiance who will be apart for some considerable time whilst we plough through this stuff.
      • Their lives having moved so far apart and yet so close together.
      • ‘Me and my girlfriend, Julie, live closer when we live apart,’ he explains.
      • In the past three years her symptoms have become so aggravated that they are living apart while they consider how best to handle the monthly eruptions.
      • This foursome is public property: a rock group who have just got back together after 23 years apart.
      • Lately the two have spent more time apart than Paige considers healthy.
      • The Germans found, however, that living apart slows the decline in female libido, confirming the maxim ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.
      • Drawn together but also driven apart by their strong personalities, each has worked on solo projects or in different line-ups over the years.
      • Asking for things you know your partner won't want to do is likely to make you feel further apart, not closer together.
      • Intimacy then becomes cold and degrading, leading the couple farther apart, not closer together.
      • They graduate together, drift apart at University and begin to face the terrors of being a twentysomething at the same time.

    • 1.2(into pieces)

      the building was blown apart el edificio voló en mil pedazos
      • the girl pulled the doll apart la niña desarmó la muñeca
      • The blast, which occurred at around 11.40 am, ripped apart piece of the pavement, throwing concrete and other debris on the roadway.
      • And in innumerable other minutes of the 90, they were carved apart by a Kilmarnock team who spurned so many opportunities it was barely credible.
      • Pieces are quickly torn apart in search of the coin which brings good luck for the rest of the year
      • It was a four-inch bullet that entered her body and broke apart.
      • Furniture had been torn apart, and shattered glass covered the floor.
      • Amy sighed and broke apart the pieces, handing them out.
      • I was going to take her words apart piece by piece.
      • It was a 3-inch-long tube about the size of a lipstick, which came apart in two pieces.
      • She'd learned that lesson a long time ago, even though it had involved taking apart pieces of the ship and ruining them beyond repair.
      • As soon as he walks away, an explosion blasts the elevator doors apart.
      • This will be done by taking the tower apart piece by piece and removing the rubble in secure containers.
      • Desperate to avoid forking out thousands, Chris planned to take the plane apart and transport the pieces in 12 lorries to Tameside.
      • In addition, I'd hear noises resembling someone tugging/prying apart pieces of wood.
      • So it's a good thing the meteor blew apart into small pieces in the upper atmosphere, rather than just above the ground.
      • It is pale yellow, and arrives molded in hard cakes that slice apart into gelatinous pieces.
      • The best way to apply multiple colors is to take the piece apart.
      • I saw bits and pieces of it breaking apart and falling faster.
      • And then you start tearing it apart in bits and pieces and start writing notes to yourself, remember in scene so and so you're going to do so and so, so set it up now.
      • In the workshop a damaged chest by Hericourt, from 1780, with its warped veneer has been taken apart piece by piece and completely reconstructed.
      • However, chromosome pairs would sometimes break apart and exchange pieces - a process known as crossing over.

  • 2

    the two capitals are hundreds of miles apart las dos capitales se encuentran a cientos de millas (de distancia) una de otra
    • in places as far apart as Tokyo and Paris en lugares tan alejados el uno del otro como Tokio y París
    • when it comes to politics, he and I are miles apart en lo que se refiere a política, estamos a años luz el uno del otro
    • the first and second interviews are weeks apart hay varias semanas entre la primera y la segunda entrevista
    • The outcroppings were spaced eight feet apart and at seemingly random intervals fire was being shot upward from the floor.
    • The doors were spaced about five feet apart, but again, I didn't note that it was significant.
    • The marchers were held back by police men and women spaced about three feet apart.
    • The exterior of the towers was made of 12-inch steel columns spaced four feet apart.
    • You simply use a split stance - your feet spaced about hip-width apart, one foot forward, the other behind you.
    • The hardwoods are spaced eight feet apart in rows ten feet wide, a spacing that accommodates 540 trees per acre.
    • With the end of the consultation period today, the two sides remain as far apart as ever.
    • The passing of our friend Schwartz is being noted in venues as far apart as The Independent and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.
    • I added rolled-rim terra-cotta pots on this edge, spaced 10 feet apart.
    • With your feet spaced shoulder-width apart, raise the bar off the rack.
    • His strong posture with his feet spaced a little apart made him appear really large.
    • Three wooden fence posts marked the end of the property, spaced roughly ten feet apart, and ending up at the neighbors chain link.
    • She stayed in one place, her feet about as far apart as her shoulders, and really only her legs moved.
    • The lights were spaced three feet apart, just enough to cast an eerie glow over the stairs.
    • Plant seeds at least 12 inches apart in rows spaced 3 feet apart.
    • When backing up, he keeps his feet spaced apart and his head up - something young linemen often forget to do.
    • Two fences (one high and one moderately high) spaced about three feet apart are recommended.
    • The cast-in-place piers are graceful, slender, and elegant with curving surfaces, spaced 142 feet apart.
    • Lie on your back, legs straight, and extend your arms overhead, stretching your hands and feet as far apart as possible.
    • The cattle grates were made from rebar spaced about a foot apart and about ten feet wide.
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    these faults apart, it is a very good piece of work aparte de / fuera de estos defectos, es un trabajo muy bueno
    • joking apart, he is an excellent swimmer fuera de bromas / hablando en serio, nada muy bien
    • Jokes apart, I think many need to have a clear understanding of the demographics of the Muslim world.
    • Their qualifications, ideals and fresh appeal apart, the new breed has been working hard to succeed.
    • Translation skills apart, what qualities do you need to be an effective sign-singer?
    • Though joking apart and with an eye on why we admire the Austin Ambassador so damn much, that crude range of engines were all service friendly and able to hit a hundred thousand miles with the right amount of care.
    • Jokes apart, Bollywood is also the single largest showcase of ethnic art and culture.
    • Jokes apart, she's also been a convincing character actress.
    • Robertstown for their part will be disappointed by a performance in which centre-back Mark Kelly apart they had few stars.
    • Okay okay, jokes apart, this is one movie I am really looking forward to.
    • It's also a remarkably sexy record, considering that - pin-up singer apart - the band still look like brickies.
    • Bonetti's dismissal and Artero's outstanding strike effort apart, the second period was almost subdued compared to the first 45 minutes.
    • Leadership qualities apart, it is his positive view of the life which has helped him maintain his cool all along and this seems to be keeping him hale and hearty.
    • Financial considerations apart, was he worth all that palaver?
    • But jokes apart I have been wanting to do something beyond photography.
    • The quality of the competition apart, what let things down was the abysmal and partisan television coverage.
    • Jokes apart, the success of this story depends on all of you.
    • All jokes apart, this is not is not meant to disrespect them in any which way.
    • Human invasion apart, the quality of this reserve has deteriorated over the years.
    • With a wife and two grown up daughters who must be concerned at the level of vitriol thrown at their breadwinner, has he ever considered packing it all in, his lucrative renumeration apart?
    • Considerations of the kinetic theory apart, Perrin was able to establish that the density of Brownian particles obeys the gas laws.
  • 4

    • 4.1(except for)

      aparte de
      I liked them all apart from the yellow one todas me gustaron excepto / menos la amarilla
      • apart from him we're all satisfied aparte de él / exceptuándolo a él, todos estamos satisfechos

    • 4.2(discounting)

      aparte de
      quite apart from the time it would take, I can't afford it aparte / independientemente del tiempo que me tomaría, no puedo permitírmelo

    • 4.3(separated from)

      why does she always sit apart from the rest of the group? ¿por qué se sienta siempre apartada del resto del grupo?
      • This element of the film works beautifully, and sets it apart from everything else of its type.
      • He has also been setting apart a considerable amount of time for social activities.
      • It was her husband who noticed the man standing apart from the little group of mourners, and went over.
      • A side-yard garden is a world unto itself, so consider ways of setting it apart.
      • But on top of this he must cope with a major problem that has set him apart from his friends since he was six.
      • It is this new sense of collaboration that sets this year's Art Fair apart from previous years.
      • The question that can be asked is: can a certain percentage of replenishable groundwater be considered to be set apart for agriculture?
      • A cynic would say that this writer who claimed to stand alone and apart was actually quite prepared to lose himself in the herd.
      • What stands Mew apart from most of these bands is the style in which they were recorded.
      • I'm still wondering about the man in the plumed turban standing apart and detached watching sailors and vendors at work.