Translation of app in Spanish:


app, n.

Pronunciation /æp//ap/


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    app feminine
    • They want Web sites to respond as fast as the apps do on their new gigahertz computers.
    • Double-click on the map to mark waypoints, and the app tells you the total distance defined by the waypoints.
    • Geeks store what they do in text and spurn big apps, using plain text editors.
    • I do hope I won't have to start running a spam-eating app on my weblog's comments!
    • Basically third-party apps fall into one of two categories, useful or cool, and some things are both.
    • So today I'm catching up with the lost hours from yesterday and reinstalling my favourite apps on my reborn PC.
    • Consider creating a new user account on your computer with none of your familiar apps or configurations.
    • It was a very, very bad app, but it was the first app I ever built.
    • I was also running about ten other apps at the same time, and it went off without a hitch.
    • I've been trying to come up with ways to construct the app myself and D talked about.
    • Also, the banner slot at the bottom was refusing to budge, proudly displaying an ad telling me to use the app that was displaying it.
    • Some internet apps are working fine, others are dead in the water.
    • Well I quit all apps, and restarted them, had no real effect, but a system restart seemed to pick up the user profile changes.
    • This reset will keep all apps inactive until you manually start them after the reset is complete.
    • That is, to quit the third and fourth frontmost apps, hold down Alt and hit Tab, Tab, Q, Tab, Q.
    • I'm downloading various apps and wallpaper for it on my work machine and transferring them via a flash drive.
    • I feel it's a very useful conceptual position that makes the future of web apps much more evident.
    • I can almost consider it as research into the current state of the art of web apps.
    • Thus I have added another field to the Settings sheet of my blogger app and a little code to support it.
    • If you've never heard of it, it's a simple app that puts the current time into natural language.