Translation of appear in Spanish:


aparecer, v.

Pronunciation: /əˈpɪə//əˈpɪr/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(come into view, present oneself)

      he never appears until the meal is on the table nunca aparece / se presenta hasta que la comida está servida
      • he hasn't appeared in public for the last year desde hace un año no aparece en público
      • he suddenly appeared from behind the door de pronto salió de detrás de la puerta
      • He appears on the scene of action ready for battle on the appointed day, and there he meets others like himself, brought up by the same summons.
      • They descended from the clouds, as the familiar sight of landmarks appeared.
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      • A few minutes after Steph and Lewis arrived, Josh appeared at the downstairs door.
      • However, the sight that appeared before her quickly took her mind off of the cold.
      • The death knell for the royal line rang out across the besieged tower as a noticeable dent began to appear in the door of the chamber.
      • Suddenly two red lights appeared at the supposed sight were Yue's eyes should have been.
      • He appeared at the house after lunch, with a collapsible suitcase, still wearing the four-button jacket, clean and freshly pressed now.
      • The screen panned out and, superimposed on the pointless picture of a telephone, apparent quotes begin to appear.
      • They wait over 21 years for one to arrive and two appear in the same season.
      • From time to time as a gap in the trees appears I catch sight of this glistening stretch of cobalt blue water below.
      • Around one corner, a hundred goats suddenly appeared, in no apparent hurry to let us by.
      • The scandal lies also in the fact that the transgression is visible, appearing like a strange hieroglyph on her face that others contemplate with fear and trepidation.
      • The final Baily's bead appears together with the visible band formed by the solar corona.
      • The supervisors or any other voter would never notice this fraud since no visible sign would appear.
      • The rare transit happens when Venus comes directly between the sun and the earth and appears as a black dot moving across the bright disk.
      • Every once and a while she would fall out of sight, only to appear again just within reach of his eyes.
      • Earth appears as a tiny blue sphere surrounded by an immensity of blackness.
      • Sponsors pay a lot of money, and they deserve to have their names visible in photographs that appear in the media.
      • Not a lot, but they tend to appear in noticeable situations, such as extended close ups.
      • Aim into the dark skies where Mars, when so close to earth, appears as a glowing red ruby.
      • The woman was familiar from the neighborhood, he explained, so he had not been suspicious when she appeared at his apartment, seemingly alone.
      • Colours that were not previously apparent subtly appear as the eye focuses on the space between colours.
      • The second her eyes appeared and she caught sight of Stien she let out a hideous scream.
      • From the moon, Earth appears as a bright blue-and-white object in the black sky.

    • 1.2

      (spirit/ghost) aparecerse
      to appear to sb aparecérsele a algn
      • the Virgin had appeared to them se les había aparecido la Virgen

    • 1.3(become apparent)

      cracks started to appear on the walls empezaron a aparecer / a salir grietas en las paredes

    • 1.4(be found, seen)


  • 2

    the questions didn't appear difficult las preguntas no parecían difíciles
    • that's how he appears to a lot of people esa es la impresión que le da a mucha gente
    • it appears as though / as if we're expected parece que nos esperan
    • we're expected to win, it appears según parece, se espera que ganemos
    • they've arrived — so it appears / so it would appear han llegado — eso parece
    • so she's not leaving — it appears not / it would appear not así que no se va — parecería que no
    • to appear to + inf parecer + inf
    • it appears that
    • she appeared to be busy parecía (estar) ocupada
    • he appeared to have understood pareció haber entendido
    • everyone appears to be here parece que ya está aquí todo el mundo
    • we appear to be lost parece que nos hemos perdido
    • this would appear to be what happened parecería que esto fue lo que pasó
    • there appears to be some misunderstanding parecería que hay un malentendido
    • what appears to be the trouble? ¿cuál es el problema?
    • it appears that she was the only one not to know parece ser que era la única que no lo sabía
    • it appears from the report that … del informe se desprende que …
    • it now appears that he was lying ahora resulta que estaba mintiendo
    • it appears to me that we're wasting our time tengo la impresión de que / me parece que estamos perdiendo el tiempo
    • that's how it appeared to her esa fue la impresión que le dio a ella
  • 3

    (be published)
    to appear in print publicarse
  • 4

    (on television) aparecer
    (on television) salir
    Theatre actuar
    he has appeared on television many times ha salido muchas veces en / por televisión
    • she's currently appearing on Broadway actualmente está actuando en Broadway
    • she appeared as Cinderella hizo el papel de Cenicienta
  • 5

    • 5.1

      (defendant) comparecer
      to appear before a magistrate comparecer ante un juez
      • she's appearing on a charge of murder comparece acusada de asesinato
      • May it please the Court, I appear for myself in this matter, for the third time in the High Court.
      • He appeared in the Court of Appeal when this matter was first before the Court of Appeal.
      • He'd never appeared in the Supreme Court and he came into this case very, very late.
      • The Third Defendant appeared in person and he also represented the other Defendants, who were not present at the hearing
      • None of the three defendants appeared in court, but magistrates found all three cases proved.
      • The first applicant has the necessary leave of the Court to appear for the second applicant.
      • He admitted a charge of affray when he appeared in court for sentence and was given a 100-hour punishment order.
      • He appeared in the county court on Friday and the case was adjourned for a two-hour hearing on August 11.
      • Last week 13 asylum seekers appeared in Luton Crown Court for a preliminary hearing.
      • Police in Delhi said an Indian businessmen had been arrested and appeared in court on Friday when he was remanded in custody.
      • The police did not want him to appear for the appellant, he said.
      • I appeared in Worthing Magistrates court when Jack was given unconditional bail and told these facts to the court and the magistrate.
      • They appeared in York Crown Court yesterday and were jailed for 12 months each.
      • They appeared in magistrates court in Preston yesterday alongside five others.
      • Another teen, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in a youth court on the same day charged in connection with the incident.
      • For that matter it might equally have been counsel who the defendant wished to appear for him.
      • He appeared in Tauranga District Court and was remanded on bail to appear again in two weeks.
      • The grey-haired defendant appeared in court wearing a white collar shirt and blue jeans.
      • Although the matter has been called today, she has not appeared in the Court.
      • He appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Saturday morning and has been remanded in custody until next month.

    • 5.2

      (lawyer) comparecer
      to appear for the prosecution/defense comparecer por la acusación/la defensa