Translation of apple polisher in Spanish:

apple polisher

adulador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈap(ə)l ˌpɒlɪʃə//ˈæpəl ˈpɑlɪʃər/



  • 1

    adulador masculine
    aduladora feminine
    pelota masculine Spain informal
    lambiscón masculine Mexico informal
    lambiscona feminine Mexico informal
    chupamedias masculine Southern Cone Venezuela informal
    lambón masculine Colombia informal
    lambona feminine Colombia informal
    • If all those apple polishers got into a fight, who do you think would win?
    • We've always had to endure goody two-shoes apple-polishers - kids with their hands always up, who turn in talkers when the teacher leaves the classroom and volunteer for extra work after school.
    • The reporters, shooting spitballs from the back of the class, regarded her as a preening apple-polisher.
    • He's an apple polisher who keeps dropping the apple in the mud in his frenetic attempts to please.
    • It wasn't just the incessant whiners, or the obvious apple-polishers, or having to cover up for the occasional bad staffer that drove her nuts, she says.
    • I had something close to a 4.0 in my major, and I was certainly no apple-polisher; my priorities lay more in figuring out exactly how little one had to do to earn an A.
    • The newspaper and assorted other liberal apple-polishers may have accuracy on their side on this one, but they don't have balance.
    • When the other fellow pleases the boss, he's an apple polisher.
    • If a boss closes one eye to the weaknesses of apple-polishers, soon or later the company will close shopand he might as well close both eyes!
    • Now, I know what you're thinking - ‘y'know, he's pretty moody sometimes too, so why should I care about these apple-polishers?’