Translation of appraise in Spanish:


evaluar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈpreɪz//əˈpreɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (performance/situation/employee) evaluar
    (novel/painting) valorar
    (property) tasar
    (property) avaluar Latin America
    • The aim of the focus groups was to identify the needs, expectations, and problems of consumers with respect to health information on the internet, with emphasis on how consumers appraise the quality of such information.
    • To appraise shape changes alone, we standardized the size of the specimens by dividing the initial coordinates of the outlines by the area.
    • You can assess the dance routines, evaluate the vocal abilities, appraise the costumes, and carefully evaluate the lighting, staging, camera angles and video editing for each act.
    • Mock interviews were carried out by professionals and the Year 10 applicants were all appraised before the ‘job’ was given to one of them.
    • Secondly, the problem of how to appraise the quality of qualitative studies remains.
    • A systematic review is a critical assessment of existing evidence that addresses a focused clinical question, includes a comprehensive literature search, appraises the quality of studies, and reports results in a systematic manner.
    • His comments on prematurity also cast light on the way in which he appraised the Claimant's evidence and the benefit he ascribed to the proposed housing provision itself.
    • ‘We will consider the need for further work to appraise the dualling option once the Highways Agency's current work on the route management strategy has been completed,’ he said.
    • Lately, as companies work to appraise their performance on a variety of levels, status metrics in the form of executive dashboards have received a lot of attention.
    • Although admittedly difficult to achieve, we believe that an effort to appraise and enhance the quality of bronchoscopy training is necessary.
    • It appraises the employee's skill, usefulness and mental capacity and also evaluates the employee's mental status, psychology and most importantly their state of mind.
    • Managers annually appraise the employees reporting to them in one-to-one meetings.
    • When is the right time to appraise the quality of the suggestions made by respondents?
    • Although it has been widely assumed that general practice tutors will appraise general practitioners, no official statement has been made to this effect.
    • But to my way of thinking, meta-analysis provides a more important secondary benefit of critically appraising the quality of the data entered into its review.
    • These organisations can also appraise the accessibility of their premises to assess whether they meet the new requirements for access.
    • The most powerful response is that autonomy need in no way require that people be in a position to step away from all of their connections and values and to critically appraise them.
    • Relevant staff then need to be appraised and the extent and quality of the team's skills base assessed.
    • I wasn't a manager and was unlikely to have to formally appraise colleagues and the time management workshop seemed a waste of time.
    • These included more flexibility in the time allowed to assess claims and the allocation of more time to fairly appraise complex disputes.
    • The bids are evaluated and schemes are appraised to see if they are achieving their targets every three months.
    • ‘Some interesting techniques,’ he appraised coolly, pulling the wrapping off and setting it aside.
    • Staff may be appraised both upon the quantity of calls made or received and conformity to the script.
    • It should appraise the quality of the evidence and decide whether that justifies the conclusion reached eg, whether it justifies a conclusion that the applicant obtained permission to entry by fraud or deceit.
    • For those in posts, supervisor assessments were obtained for 46 trainees to appraise their performance three months into practice.
    • Until initiatives such as dot health or high quality web searching tools become available, the onus will remain with users to search effectively and appraise the quality of the sites retrieved.
    • Unfortunately, with the exception of blood tests for anemia, there are no assessments that accurately appraise your nutritional status.
    • We then calculated the average absolute value of these discrepancies across all the group members who appraised that participant.
    • They also take the opportunity to look to the future and appraise the family job and training needs.
    • It insisted that appraisal of senior hospital doctors should be undertaken only by doctors who were appropriately trained and came from similar backgrounds to the doctors being appraised.