Translation of appropriate in Spanish:


apropiado, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈproʊpriət//əˈprəʊprɪət/


  • 1

    her attire wasn't appropriate to the occasion su vestimenta no era la apropiada / adecuada / indicada para la ocasión
    • it would not be appropriate for me to comment no estaría bien / no sería apropiado que hiciera algún comentario
    • you should take all appropriate precautions debes tomar todas las precauciones del caso
    • assess the situation and take the appropriate action evalúe la situación y tome las medidas pertinentes
    • complete as appropriate rellenar lo que corresponda
    • delete as appropriate tachar lo que no corresponda
    • But he said it would not be appropriate to release further details of the schemes at this stage.
    • But it is important to make sure the play programme is appropriate to the child.
    • A conditional discharge would be appropriate for the offences in all the circumstances.
    • It's appropriate to apologise when you've been wrong but re-writing the past is not an option.
    • I concluded that it would not be appropriate to do so, having regard to all the circumstances.
    • This may be appropriate for patients who are not suitable for anticoagulation.
    • Speed must be appropriate for the conditions, the size and type of vessel, and the safety of others in the area.
    • In this particular case I made the decision that it was not appropriate to do that.
    • Given the title, it may be appropriate to consider the semiology of it all.
    • As I prepare to leave Scotland for a while, it seems appropriate to focus on some of those bigger issues.
    • Some content during this event may not be appropriate for all audiences.
    • Cook with spices that are appropriate for the season and for your skin and your physiology.
    • But it still wouldn't be appropriate to make a big deal of the fact that I have a famous father.
    • In this circumstance it is appropriate to depend upon a set of rules for swift action.
    • In those circumstances we say it is appropriate for costs to follow the event.
    • A spokesman for the railway said the company didn't feel it was appropriate to comment at this stage.
    • It would certainly not be appropriate to grant a stay in these circumstances.
    • The state, apparently, is to decide what material is appropriate for academic inquiry.
    • Until the cause was known, he said it would not be appropriate to comment.
    • I felt it was entirely appropriate to honour my adopted country in my new hometown.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (take illegally)
    (possessions/land/money) apropiarse de
    • Seaports asked for three times the amount of money that the Congress appropriated for port security.
    • Money is appropriated for a two-year budget cycle during the odd-numbered years.
    • The state Department of Health currently appropriates $500,000 in federal funding to six contractors who provide abstinence programs in nine counties throughout the state.
    • Newspapers should not roll over before a seven-year-old church as it appropriates titles from others that carry the weight of history.
    • The accompanying images were appropriated from films and video but share certain visual qualities.
    • If the company were forced into bankruptcy or left open to a major claim, the personal assets of the directors could be appropriated to pay off creditors.
    • By appropriating the fashion of the northwest outdoors, the designers took cycling out of the alternative-lifestyle gutter into the mainstream traffic of contemporary living.
    • They have appropriated sophisticated 3D modeling software technology for the purpose.
    • He doesn't seem to come into and fall out of fashion as much as he is simply appropriated for new purposes with each generation.
    • Look, a rich man usually appropriates land as he wishes.
    • Neo-modernism simply appropriates images and technology while forsaking old hopes and old ideas of the social.
    • Has anybody taken our New Wave of abstract artists to task for appropriating aboriginal art?
    • This work illustrates her recent turn from appropriating photojournalistic images and portraits, toward obscuring the body.
    • After the war, Congress appropriated more money to harbor defense.
    • If Parliament appropriates money for a purpose and the achievement of that purpose happens to involve doing something which may also represent the interests of a political party that is just not a disqualification.
    • It's these same bookish types who tend to get in a bit of a flap when images or ideas from literature are appropriated by more popular media.
    • I can see appropriating certain aspect of a ‘well-know’ designer, such as yourself, but only if there is some kind of conceptual connection.
    • It turned out that there were three guest bathrooms, each with similarly elegant appointments, so even with Clara appropriating one for her private use sufficient cleaning capacity remained for the boys.
    • This makes Homeland a money magnet, one of the rare federal agencies for which Congress appropriates more funds than the president seeks.
    • Novels and the popular press eventually appropriated this image.
    • He filched my material and appropriated my voice and exploited a human tragedy that was really none of his business.
    • Because it was university property, appropriating the sign had to be an undercover job.
    • His fascination with popular culture and the ways it could be appropriated for artistic purposes seem prescient today.
    • What the figures on executive compensation show is how much social wealth the tiny elite appropriates for their personal bank accounts.
    • If the bank knows that a given sum or item has been appropriated for a specific purpose, the right of set-off cannot be exercised in respect of it.
    • So the Portuguese fled, and the Walanda installed themselves in the one and only town on the island, appropriating the buildings and the possessions of the enemy.
    • Stealing appropriates the fruits of someone else's labor without his permission.
    • A user can be someone who appropriates the history, image, or reputation of a work of architecture for his own ends.
    • As of September 2004, no funds have been appropriated for the implementation of this Act.
    • The two were astonishingly productive, and some of the most noted men of the day were accused of appropriating their ideas.
    • He prefers the money to be appropriated for tax cuts for the upper bracket.
    • Has it subsequently been appropriated for other purposes?
    • We are debating important issues this afternoon - the $50 million - odd that this Parliament appropriates for Treasury to advise the Government.
    • Third, additional funds will be appropriated for the support of public television and public radio.
    • Fiction is thus a way of appropriating the world, giving the world the color, the taste, the sense, the dreams, the vigils, the perseverance and even the lazy repose that, to go on being, it claims.
    • Thus the monstrous seizer of antiquity was appropriated as a Christian image of seduction and then of penitence and remorse.
    • ‘When politics appropriates art, it is transformed into an object that is emptied of its meaning,’ he said.
    • This bifurcation decays and falls to pieces when productive labor, in its totality. appropriates the special characteristics of the performing artist.
  • 2

    (set aside)
    (funds/money) destinar
    (funds/money) asignar