Translation of approximation in Spanish:


aproximación, n.

Pronunciation /əˌprɒksɪˈmeɪʃn//əˌprɑksəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    (rough calculation)
    aproximación feminine
    • Another weakness was that the assumed values for portion sizes, distributions of fish species in meals, and food contents of nutrients are only approximations to the true values.
    • Here's a nice little political survey which gives you an approximation of where you are on the political spectrum.
    • Therefore, as a first approximation, we considered all ionizable residues in their neutral forms.
    • Using a continuous-time approximation, the transition probability from the wild-type allele to the best available allele is
    • The translog form provides a second-order approximation of the true cost function at a point.
    • The main question is how close this approximation is to the actual quasistationary distribution.
    • To compare behavioral responses among regions, we used Kruskal-Wallis tests, which use chisquare approximations.
    • Most of the work in quantum mechanics was in the Galilean (or non-relativistic) approximation.
    • We can make this reasoning more precise with the Markov chain approximation.
    • Simulations show that these approximations perform reasonably well over a surprisingly broad set of parameters.
    • Their derivations will extend to cover the present cases, given the same approximations made above.
    • The approximations are not bad (giving errors of around 20 %), but this situation is hardly satisfactory.
    • The approximations provide conservative control of the genome-wise type I error rate.
    • First, the asymptotic results provide a very reasonable approximation for the velocity even for a much lower level of cooperativity.
    • The dense-map approximations are too conservative and thus result in power loss, while the sparse-map approximations tend to be too liberal.
    • As a first approximation of winter range, I plotted museum specimen records by month on maps of the Western Hemisphere.
    • The data flow for each approximation mode is also shown.
    • What he is talking about is not an approximation to the Golden Mean.
    • In the Appendix, we use small v approximations to derive simple analytic approximations for the quantitative results from the models.
    • The potential of mean force can also be derived from Eq. 18 based on the harmonic approximation.
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    (rough equivalent)
    approximation of / to sth
    • at best it's an approximation to the truth como mucho podría decirse que se acerca a la verdad
    • a good approximation of a Tennessee accent una buena imitación del acento de Tennessee
    • Matheson's method does give a very close approximation to the situation in 1890.
    • The Montessori environment, though wonderful in many ways, often is just an approximation of what we already have in our homes.
    • Due to the nature of the language, some of these translations are approximations.
    • The story, which is performed in an approximation of a Beijing Opera style, is simple.
    • For participants in the glue group, similar approximation was achieved with single circumferential application of tissue glue.
    • This approximation was justified by the argument that the relative lengths of any two segments are only very weakly correlated.
    • User's attitudes also had to be examined in order to assess whether the approximations in the animation were satisfactory.
    • Consisting of basic shapes and pieces lifted from existing ships, it's a very loose approximation of what the final ship mesh will look like.
    • Most pocket cameras have a separate viewfinder: what you see is an approximation of what the lens is seeing.
    • I could find the words that would get my message through with some approximation of what I actually mean.
    • Previously published methods for deriving Q have used eigen-decomposition of an approximation to P (t).
    • The current difficulties of the Ukrainian government in achieving approximation of the Law of Ukraine with the Law of the European Union.
    • For him, translation requires an act of engagement that goes much deeper than a word-for-word approximation.
    • Thus, the classic Kok model is just convenient first-order approximation to the real case.
    • Without a fully linear structure to the economy, at best an inflation index is an approximation.
    • Rhuddlan was the closest approximation to a town in pre-Norman Wales during its brief periods under Welsh rule.
    • Some are based on European approximations of local African place names - often such bastardised versions of the originals that they are barely recognisable.
    • Computer researcher Laurent Mathy from Lancaster University points out that " simulations only give you an approximation of reality.
    • At the time Corps engineers called their approximation a standard project hurricane (SPH), equivalent to what today would be called a fast-moving category 3 storm.
    • Once Fido performs even a close approximation of the trick a reward follows.