Translation of apron in Spanish:


delantal, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈeɪprən//ˈeɪpr(ə)n/


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    (for domestic use) delantal masculine
    (for domestic use) mandil masculine Spain
    (workman's, mason's) mandil masculine
    • Ginger appeared from out of the kitchen wearing an apron over her clothes.
    • He wore a puffy white long sleeve that made a v-shape above the chest with black slacks; everyday clothes with a stained apron around himself.
    • She released me slightly in the end, but kept her arm around my shoulders as she reached into the pocket of her apron and pulled out a locket.
    • Mother was waiting inside, and was standing in her old clothes with her apron tied in front.
    • I decided to pocket it, but when I reached for my apron I realized that I hadn't worn it.
    • She wore a rather worn dress and an apron with pockets full of spools.
    • Sighing, I reached in the front pocket of my apron for my note pad and proceeded to the elderly couple.
    • You'll often see decorative aprons, skirt hems or sleeves on everyday clothes, and baby-carriers are typically exuberant.
    • One of the sisters offers a protective apron to me; I accept it.
    • Wear old clothes or an apron, because the solution will discolor and eat through fabric.
    • It is a toy monkey wearing a red and white striped shirt, a green apron and a bowler hat.
    • She ran her finger along the large bills in the wallet before mustering the courage to grab the cash and thrust it into the front pocket of her apron, where she kept tips.
    • They nodded and she dug in one of the many pockets of her apron until she produced two large suckers, which they took gratefully.
    • He was not dressed as that of the papacy; instead he wore dirtied peasant clothes with an apron tied around his waist.
    • Amy pulled a letter from the front pocket of her apron.
    • Old women shuffling along bent almost beyond 90 degrees in their gumboots and floral aprons with bundles of clothes tied over there backs.
    • Wear gloves, aprons, and other protective clothing to keep your skin from coming in contact with oils, greases, and chemicals.
    • Butchers in striped aprons smile at the cameras from outside the same shop that stands today, unaware of the future that would one day come to their unremarkable little town.
    • Nurses wear protective plastic aprons over their uniforms while performing tasks in Scottish hospitals.
    • Then women wear embroidered blouses, lace aprons, and full, dirndl skirts.
    • The airport will be expanded in the second phase where a second terminal will come up along with an apron, second runway and taxiway.
    • The deportees were brought from the terminal in a coach and the operation took place at a corner of Stansted airport's apron, well away from other passenger jets.
    • They typically involve inspectors interviewing key personnel and examining operation procedures like snow removal and important areas like runways, taxi ways and aprons.
    • He has only just alighted from the aircraft at Beira when he narrows in on a white helicopter parked on the runway apron.
    • When work begins in a few days, the small light aircraft apron will be closed.
    • We all knew that position we had to take and waited for the proper sequenced aircraft to pass our position and then we'd pull in behind it and proceed to the runup aprons and takeoff runway.
    • The Jet Centre will include passenger and crew lounges, immigration and Customs facilities and an adjoining business aircraft apron.
    • According to CAF, the Museum precinct will essentially encompass the buildings, hangars and aprons on the airfield side of Williams Road.
    • They were met on the airport apron by a fleet of coaches and limousines which carried them across the border to Castle Leslie.
    • This project calls for making a deep cut between the end of a runway and an apron.
    • Consequently, FOD can be found on the parking aprons, taxiways, and runways of almost every airport and airbase in the world.
    • The parking apron is intended for 20 aircraft, or five heavy aircraft and 10 aircraft weighing up to 100 tonnes.
    • ‘Goods cannot be taken off the apron at Dublin Airport if they have not been processed by the system,’ he said.
    • The self-styled roving ambassador ignored pleas from CIA security men and walked across the apron at Heathrow to chat to a group of surprised baggage handlers.
    • On arrival on the apron in Baghdad the pilot shuts down the engines as the hot engine backwash and dust need to be eliminated to maximise casualty comfort and well-being.
    • So we are not looking into who is on the apron of these airports and around these airplanes.
    • The upgrading is to include extensions to the runway, taxiway and apron, which will enable it to accommodate bigger aircraft.
    • The plane will then return to the apron over the winter before she moves to a purpose-built area within the viewing park next year.
    • Evening sun is glowing across the aircraft on the apron as incredibly dark clouds loom over distant Amsterdam city centre.
    • The airport has also built a 92,000-sq-ft apron that can accommodate about 20 aircraft.
    • Choreographers, who are directing from the stage apron, banter with the teachers.
    • Realism was impossible on the platform-stage of the Elizabethans; and it was almost equally impossible on the apron-stage of the eighteenth century.
    • He has filled the empty apron stage with a magical, glittering and visually delightful scenes and tableaux to follow the fall from grace of the Master and his lover.
    • It was the closest work in the program to classical exposition, danced in front of the curtain on the apron, where bends are not really contortions and twists owe something to Yoga.
    • Her set and costume design are her usual high standard, though the scenes in the abbey seem a little pinched on the apron of the stage.
    • An apron stage, simple settings, an authentic text, and swift continuity of action were new to critics and public, and not until a similar production of the play in 1914 did he meet with any general acclaim.
    • On the apron of the stage, with a black backdrop the two bare legged women wore black short shorts.
    • Putting his music in his folder, Sean carried that and his violin to her at her place on the apron of the stage.
    • As it falls, the screen is blacked out and a light opens on the apron, stage right.
    • It is now full daylight and both houses on the apron stage are visible.
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    pista de estacionamiento feminine
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    proscenio masculine