Translation of arable in Spanish:


arable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈarəb(ə)l//ˈɛrəb(ə)l/


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    arable land tierras de cultivo feminine
    • They had owned about 30 per cent of the country's most fertile arable land.
    • The eventual consequences of this decision were, in effect, to ‘privatize’ most of the arable land, leading to the neglect of public land still available for rent.
    • In turn, growing consumer demand fires competition for fresh water, energy, arable land, forest products, and fish.
    • After all, of the 42 million hectares of potentially arable land in Zambia, only about three-million is under cultivation.
    • After France's loss of her colonial empire the merchants of Nantes and Bordeaux sank their capital in the arable land and vineyards of the hinterland.
    • Over the rolling, variegated hills, where virulent yellow rape seed mingles with brown arable land and verdant fruit farms, a grey, murky pallor is cast.
    • But uncomfortable as dust-storms may be for town and city dwellers, by far their worst effect is the stripping of topsoil from Australia's arable land.
    • Known as the breadbasket of Scotland, on account of its fertile arable land, East Lothian is also yielding impressive profits for those lucky enough to own property there.
    • Primarily they enrich the soil by rotating it into perennial grass and alfalfa pasture, grazing cattle on the fields for up to six or eight years before returning the land to arable production.
    • This provides enough food for about 10 people for 365 days a year from each hectare of arable land, depending on how much they eat.
    • Some cyanobacteria do not require fresh water, nitrate - based fertilizer, or even arable land to grow and flourish.
    • Prior to that it was common to find records of the foundation of new settlements and associated land clearances for arable fields.
    • These planters devoted all of their arable land to the production of export staples.
    • Soya has become the cash crop for half of Argentina's arable land, more than 11m hectares, most situated on fragile pampas lands on the vast plains.
    • A third of Russia's arable land lies fallow and production costs are one-third lower than those for American wheat farmers.
    • For his part, all the king had to do was give away a few hectares of arable land to his lowlier vassals and perhaps throw in a coronet to sweeten the deal for his more well-heeled subjects.
    • Land used for grazing sheep and cattle together with ploughed arable land combine to form a patchwork of field colours and textures.
    • The fertile Brahmaputra valley allowed the people on its banks fertile arable land in ample quantity.
    • While some local authorities are responding to the Government's call to open up the countryside, there are still too many who have not opened rights of way that carry no risk and in some cases are on purely arable land, say the organisation.
    • This area of the nation had once been an incredibly rich source of arable land.