Translation of arc in Spanish:


arco, n.

Pronunciation /ɑːk//ɑrk/


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    Mathematics Astronomy
    arco masculine
    • Using radian measure explains why the inverse-tangent function is also called the ARCtan function - it returns the arc angle when given a tangent.
    • If we use an angle h, the arc length will be krh, where k is a constant that depends on the units of angle you use.
    • The other arc functions, acos, and atan, behave as their more-familiar counterparts.
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    arco eléctrico masculine
    arco voltaico masculine
    • When calibrated to be in tune with the planet's resonance, it created what is still the largest man-made electrical surge ever, an arc over 130 feet long.
    • I recall seeing a photo in Scientific American of the arc from a large Tesla Coil being guided in a straight line by a laser pulse.
    • Considering all the above factors an arc or spark from a broken wire is most likely to be responsible for a fire on this type of machine and, as I understand it, this reflects industry experience.
    • As powerful electric arcs leap from welding rod to the metal, they sometimes follow unpredictable, lightning-like paths, leading to sloppy welds and splattered metal.
    • Some two hours later a fire broke out in the Commanding Officer's cabin and electrical space, caused by an arc in the main power cables that ran through the area which had become swamped by water.
    • White turned the light switch off, there was a severe electrical arc from the conduit, immediately followed by sparks and flames.
    • This is not someone dropping a switch and seeing an arc of electricity.
    • Weak arcs of scorching lightning zapped outwards, rapidly fading over the short distance.
    • It was raining, and Mireles saw a blue electrical arc lighting up the sky near Riverside Drive and Glendale Avenue, he said.
    • Scientists later demonstrated that fullerenes can be conveniently generated by setting up an electric arc between two graphite electrodes.
    • In flash welding, the heat is obtained from an arc established between the pieces to be welded by electrical resistance.
    • The heat required in this process is generated by electric arcs struck between carbon electrodes and the metal bath.
    • The flicker produced by fluorescent lamps is a result of the pulsing of the arc within the lamp.
    • When it hit, electrical arcs spider-webbed out from the ship, and a humming buzzed from the field.
    • Light is given off by the arc and by heated electrodes and base metals.
    • In the bottom of the container there was a reservoir of water, and above it an apparatus caused electrical arcs to crackle.
    • Kentaro looked up at the pagoda where large arcs of electricity were reaching into the sky like a massive Jacob's Ladder.
    • This path is the glowing area associated with an arc / spark, and is the same phenomenon as lightning, although on a much smaller scale.
    • To improve arc initiation and control the spread of the arc, the electrode should be ground to a point.
    • Small arcs of electricity played over its surface as his eyes danced gleefully.

intransitive verb

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    formar un arco