Translation of archive in Spanish:


archivo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrˌkaɪv//ˈɑːkʌɪv/


  • 1

    archivo masculine
    film archive(s) filmoteca feminine
    • before noun archive footage imágenes de archivo
    • AOL has unveiled details of a new broadband TV service that will see the giant ISP raid the archives of sister company Warner Bros.
    • With the advent of photography, film and modern institutional archives, works of art, their makers and patrons have become ever more richly documented.
    • Apple Computer gave away its archives to save money.
    • Modern, sophisticated systems automatically scan the archive periodically to determine the condition of the data.
    • State-of-the-art equipment will make archives, local studies material and museum collections available to everyone, either in person or online.
    • Police first raided the company offices in Moscow in July, spending nearly 17 hours searching through computer archives.
    • Second, many ILE faculty members were interested in building data archives with data sets from many different government agencies.
    • Currently, the site contains 2,000 images and maps from archive and history collections housed by the six boroughs.
    • Efforts searching St Mary's records and other archives for more information proved disappointing.
    • In addition to books it has a large collection of archives and photographs.
    • A search may span several email servers and, in some cases, the personal archives on hundreds of desktop computers.
    • Many public libraries also have local history sections containing archives relating to local musical activities and famous musicians.
    • KVault's software allows e-mails to be stored centrally but also archives them so they can be produced at a moment's notice.
    • Through personal archives and institutions we compiled about 500 diaries and a few thousand postcards and letters.
    • From the outset of planning the project, we sought to make the Web site more interactive than scores of digital archives now inhabiting the Internet.
    • Coleman and his wife Linda spent thirty years collecting firsthand accounts of the event from letters and diaries, archives, and newspapers of the day.
    • There are also section on county records, photo exhibitions, archives, art and local history.
    • Many had been given to the centre by local people and some had come from archive collections.
    • Video on demand systems store vast archives of material and, for a price, viewers with broadband lines can download any program at any time.
    • The historians were supposed to collect facts from documents, archives, records and present these facts in their own individual styles.
    • At the same time the PRO will outline its digital archive system which will store electronic government records.
    • Furthermore, the compression abilities of the Info-ZIP tools allow one to significantly reduce the size of the file archives on the Linux backup system.
    • All this plus York's incomparable collection of artefacts and archives, held everywhere from the Borthwick Institute and the Guild of Merchant Adventurers to the city's many museums.
    • Kaspersky Anti-Virus, for example, can now detect protected Zip archives, scan the email body for the password and then unpack and check the attachment for viruses.
    • These are very important items for local history archives.
    • Rush spent time researching, accessing information from the archives and records of the Australian Victoria Police Museum.
    • Entitled Maps and Aerial Photographs from 1800, the display includes many fascinating photos, some given to the centre by local people and some from archive collections.
    • In order to substantiate and expand the known information, she checked published transcriptions while combing through archives for new documents.
    • One other important search-related function of archives is data mining, when the results of a query are retained as a new category.
    • What was saved and stored in electronic archives may be rapidly decaying or unable to be easily retrieved due to the obsolescence of technology.
    • State-of-the-art computer equipment will also make archives, local studies material and museum collections available to everyone, either in person or online.
    • This site is designed to open up a variety of outstanding collections of archives and manuscripts held by the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Heriot-Watt.
    • The institute holds the records of the Archbishops of York as well as numerous genealogical records, health archives, the Rowntree archive and various private collections.
    • Even though the information exists, finding it in the data bases and archives can be challenging.
    • Optical media is also perfect for storing archives of critical corporate data, such as financials or personnel records.
    • Animation is very expensive, and a well-designed digital archives management system can help keep costs down.
    • However, as messages sent to mailing lists are sometimes also stored in web accessible archives, the actual number of people accessing messages may be greater than assumed and may be impossible to determine.
    • Shot by pioneering film-makers Mitchell & Kenyon, the discovery of this archive collection will rewrite British film history.
    • With archives, you specifically store only the files and directories required to describe the project - nothing more, nothing less.
    • They retrieved the corresponding images from the data archives of these facilities for further analysis.
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    archivo masculine
    • Local archives house valuable deeds documenting the glory of the mediaeval city, which has witnessed the coronation of 11 Hungarian kings and eight regal wives.
    • It's hard to access contemporary design independently - it's not in archives or libraries.
    • A staggering 1,300 unpublished letters written by Nelson have been unearthed from archives at the museum and throughout the world.
    • I stayed in America for six weeks and spent every moment, apart from Sundays when the archives were closed, studying my documents.
    • The library and archives share the same building, which is a converted medieval chapel in Dean's Park.
    • Laudably, the bill strives to achieve collection in the archives of all appropriate public documents.
    • But she says there's a difference between a library and the archives.
    • Plans for a ‘joined up service’, with libraries, archives, museums and galleries all together under one roof, have been launched by East Riding Council.
    • The newspapers are preserved in the archives of the British Library, and are now published for the first time.
    • It contains more than 65 full-color paintings and Civil War maps from the archives of the Library of Congress.
    • At that time, the archives housed approximately six collections that documented the lives and experiences of African American women.
    • The new gallery, with its associated study room and archives, is a £10m joint venture.
    • Not only do they have to spend much time and effort learning languages, they must also spend months or years abroad in the archives and libraries of their chosen fields.
    • Historical societies frequently have a library, archives, and museum.
    • Beyond, I think, any journalist I have known, McKinnon seems to be happiest in archives and libraries, peering into microfiches and at computer screens.
    • Col Babbitt and Mrs Zemp were invited to visit Rishworth School and yesterday saw the original Sowerby Parish Registers at the archives in the Central Library.
    • The new complex, near Celbridge, will also include internal courtyards, offices, library, archives and reception rooms.
    • The holes in the roofs mean the torrential rains of the Cambodian wet season are washing away the brickwork, riddling the walls with damp and causing irreparable damage to the museum archives.
    • How are museums and archives and libraries to preserve the heritage of ‘film’ within the precepts of museum culture?
    • As I said, we hope to be able to raise the money to build a library and archives as well as some temporary exhibit space.

transitive verb

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