Translation of arguable in Spanish:


discutible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɑːɡjʊəb(ə)l//ˈɑrɡjuəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (open to doubt)
    it's arguable whether that would have made any difference es discutible que eso hubiera cambiado las cosas
    • I want to read more paragraphs that expand on that sort of critical response, not several hundred words of a highly arguable and at least somewhat mistaken compact history of alternative comics.
    • I will readily grant that this is an arguable question, but that's just the point.
    • Obviously some of these are arguable statistics, but they're none the less troubling.
    • Furthermore it's a highly arguable claim both for its inclusions and omissions.
  • 2

    (reasonable, possible)
    it is arguable that … podría decirse que …
    • It's arguable that the artist's fierce protection of his private life has added to his mystique.
    • We submit that each of the questions that we have identified is important and arguable.
    • It is arguable that Mr Tamihere failed on probably all those counts in the end.
    • Once it is shown that there is an arguable case, this becomes a question to be determined by the court on the facts.
    • It is arguable that 1984 is therefore the greatest of all dystopias.
    • Looking at the order nisi that I seek amended, whether I have an arguable case here is the question, is it not?
    • It is arguable that this behaviour also justifies costs being awarded against him on a substantial indemnity basis.
    • This court, nevertheless, decided that it was arguable that the interpreter could recover a reasonable fee for work done.
    • Yet it is arguable that by exciting the imaginations of his audience old Leonardo helped broaden the future audience for the arts in general.
    • For the singer, it is arguable that success has come in spite of, rather than because of, her father.
    • It is at least arguable that in some respects the modern chief political administrator has an easier time of it.
    • Still, it was arguable that Seth was the more important of the two to the Agency.
    • It is arguable that as you were the one living in the house, you were the one who benefited from the improvements.
    • However, it is arguable that Article 7 ought to be interpreted as placing some outer limits on judicial creativity.
    • It is a question whether there is an arguable case that there was a breach of the rules of procedural fairness.
    • For even if that be so, he must in addition show that there is an arguable case for his having recourse to the funds in question.
    • In this particular instance, it is arguable that these two principles are mutually exclusive.
    • It is arguable that in relation to the failure of the Council to advise as to his right of appeal, because there was no proper review, the report was flawed.
    • It is arguable that the price China paid in that loss has only now been paid off.
    • It's arguable that he was the first singer from the folk music tradition to cross over into the mainstream.