Translation of argue in Spanish:


discutir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɑːɡjuː//ˈɑrɡju/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (disagree, quarrel)
    (more heatedly) pelear(se)
    (more heatedly) reñir Spain
    they're always arguing siempre están discutiendo (or peleándose etc.)
    • don't argue and do as I say! ¡no (me) discutas y haz lo que te digo!
    • to argue about/over sth discutir / pelear por algo
    • it's not worth arguing over a few cents no vale la pena discutir por unos pocos centavos
    • we always argue about / over whose turn it is to cook dinner siempre discutimos / peleamos sobre a quién le toca hacer la cena
    • they're arguing over the bicycle again se están peleando por la bicicleta otra vez
    • to argue with sb discutir (or pelearse etc.) con algn
    • I don't want to argue with you no quiero discutir con usted
    • don't argue with me! ¡no me discutas!
    • to argue with sth disputar algo
    • you can't argue with a loaded gun cuando hay armas de por medio, no se discute
    • $10,000 tax-free? you can't argue with that! ¿10.000 dólares libres de impuestos? ¡no es como para quejarse!
    • Rousseau argued that reason had led man out of his innocent state of nature into decadence.
    • He did not object and left, but the court was told the defendant started to argue with another man about it.
    • The locals were incensed and came out of their homes to argue with the soldiers.
    • Instead, he is dangling before its recipients a lump sum that is difficult to argue with.
    • They argue that only a total ban could give the industry any chance of a long-term future.
    • Surely will no one will argue with the sentiment that the company should and must do better.
    • Many argue that female models do not serve as good examples for women to follow.
    • Somebody once said that golf is a good walk spoiled, and you can't really argue with that.
    • Some would argue that he should get his affairs as they currently stand in order.
    • We argue that their claim is built on a confusion and lacks a deep physical model.
    • There are few people who would argue with him that this is the best way to encourage recycling.
    • Cynics will argue that the new rules are another way artificially to manipulate the sport.
    • Economists would now argue that this is no less justified than the labour theory of value.
    • However the water authorities argue that it would be unfair to the rest of their customers.
    • Several writers argue that, when we are moved by this idea, our aim is to achieve equality.
    • Jessica even started to argue with the people who so adamantly disliked my slideshow.
    • He couldn't argue with that, seeing as he was the one who wrote the cursed things in the first place.
    • Some people argue that libertarianism is not a theory of equality or mutual advantage.
    • He got his telescope and set it up and he watched Juliet argue with her parents in the front room.
    • When you examine the teams man for man, I would argue that we are definitely the stronger.
    • Some argue that this blurring of the boundary between our work and private lives need not be a bad thing.
    • Many people would argue that once you have attended one you have a good idea of what the games are all about.
    • Many now argue that the reporter is needed to provoke engagement with the viewer.
    • Right now he was exhausted and couldn't be bothered to hear her voice and argue with her.
    • Of that Borg is certain, and who would argue with one who dominated Wimbledon like no other?
    • Few argue with the need to improve the shabby eyesore which blights much of Piccadilly.
    • Some even argue that turning away work makes you seem even more employable to a client!
    • You get in rows with people every week and argue with them and you respect them as fellow pros.
    • They don't get it right all the time, but we can't argue with their judgement on this one.
    • That hasn't stopped you going on and on and on, arguing over a single word.
    • Some argue that boxing has a lower death rate per year from acute injury than other sports.
    • It's hard to argue with any event that ends up with the best players in the world in the top positions.
    • He was apparently angry after arguing with his girlfriend and took out that anger on the dog.
    • It is hard to argue with the age and quality of most of the new signings, whether on loan or permanent.
    • The firms argue that all they did was agree to buy shares in each other's companies.
    • Supporters argue that wind farms are a small price to pay for saving the planet.
    • Some might argue that they are currently at the top of their game but facing great challenges.
    • Certainly I don't argue with the people who say that by and large nobody ever watches it.
    • Few in this country would argue with the view that the regime is unacceptable.
    • Optimists argue that companies are awash with cash and their balance sheets are strong.
  • 2

    she argues convincingly sabe expresar su punto de vista de manera muy convincente
    • to argue for/against sth
    • she argued for his reinstatement abogó por que fuera restituido a su cargo
    • the author argues against changing the law el autor da razones en contra de que se cambie la ley
    • her experience argues in her favor su experiencia es un factor a su favor
    • it argues well for him that his colleagues were so loyal la lealtad de sus colegas dice mucho de él / dice mucho en su favor

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(put forward)

      (case/proposition) exponer
      (proposition/case) presentar
      a well argued point un argumento bien expuesto / presentado

    • 1.2

      (adduce) alegar
      (present as argument) argüir
      (present as argument) argumentar
      (present as argument) sostener
      the lawyer argued provocation el abogado alegó provocación
      • supporters of the bill argue that … los partidarios del proyecto arguyen / argumentan / sostienen que …

    • 1.3(debate)

      (issue) discutir
      (issue) debatir

  • 2formal

    apuntar hacia
    these figures argue a worsening of the situation estas cifras apuntan hacia / sugieren un empeoramiento de la situación