Translation of armament in Spanish:


armamento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑːməm(ə)nt//ˈɑrməmənt/


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    armamento masculine
    • The main armament is a ATK Ammunition Systems (formerly Boeing Ordnance) 25 mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun.
    • Two thousand mostly female workers carry out a ten-hour night shift at an armaments factory dedicated to making tank parts.
    • The massive spending by all nations on armaments and hideous weapons like cluster bombs, land mines, etc, must be questioned.
    • What is more, it is now possible to make bioproducts that can target and destroy an enemy's armaments and food and water sources.
    • The configuration of each particular complex and their specifications predetermine the quality of the missile and artillery armament system on all levels as a whole.
    • The conspirators believed they would be able to use Nazi gold, plundered from murdered Jewish families, to fund the build up of armaments and reorganise the military.
    • At the same time, the Turkish military was systematically provided with armaments by the US and Western Europe.
    • The 1972 SALT I Treaty is an example of an agreement that sanctioned increases in armaments while limiting the forces that could be developed in the future.
    • That is likely to continue unless there is a general reduction of armaments in the area.
    • Much higher shares than this have been earned by traditional government suppliers in construction, transport materials, armaments and telecoms equipment.
    • Arms control is a relative concept to limit certain types of weaponry or to reduce armament levels by stabilising relations among rival states in order to discourage an arms race or an attack.
    • The build-up of armaments is part of the broadest repositioning of US forces worldwide since the end of the Korean War more than 50 years ago.
    • She assured the soldiers that they would be provided with the ‘most modern armaments, equipment and technology’.
    • American squadrons in France had to use British or French armament and equipment, even though one of the most effective Allied weapons was the Lewis gun, an American design manufactured in Europe.
    • German soldiers with fixed bayonets guard the water and electricity works, armament factories, railway stations and post offices.
    • There were industries (including armament factories) there too but the city's main function was as an administrative, transportation and communication centre.
    • Today's forces, equipped with great technology and sophisticated armaments, are offensive forces.
    • The military armament bureau is designed to integrate weaponry research and manufacturing as well as logistical components of the military, but if it is to operate as planned, several branches of the military are likely to disappear.
    • The development of some of the most vital weapons in our armament stems from open, unclassified fundamental scientific research abroad.
    • His first war appointment was to oversee the construction of armament factories and military installations.
    • The plane passed the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey, where Wallis developed the bombs at the Vickers armaments factory.
    • Would you be happy knowing your cash could effectively be funding businesses that provide armaments for oppressive regimes?
    • The ministry's procurement bureau, which was on an equal footing with the military armament bureau, will be downgraded and become the bureau's procurement center.
    • Anti-tank weapons, the main armament of Infantry Fighting Vehicles or Main Battle Tanks can be used to blast positions with direct fire.
    • On the contrary, the continuation of military armaments in their present extent will with certainty lead to new catastrophes.
    • Once they were in close, they could deliver devastating fire from their cannon and rocket armament; only a few hits could bring down a heavy bomber.
    • In fact, missile armament formally does not include weapons and special armament delivery vehicles and weapon use control systems.
    • The U.S. Navy qualified AEREA as a maintenance center for armament equipment and pylons for the Harrier II Plus.