Translation of armed in Spanish:


armado, adj.

Pronunciation /ɑːmd//ɑrmd/


  • 1

    (struggle/resistance) armado
    armed and dangerous armado y peligroso
    • to be armed estar armado
    • armed with sth armado de algo
    • they returned, armed with a hammer volvieron provistos / armados de un martillo
    • armed with these statistics, he demanded to see the director con estas estadísticas en mano, exigió ver al director
    • Reacting to the momentum of events, Lenin, from hiding, ordered preparations for an armed insurrection.
    • You think the looting, rape and armed terror that emerged within hours in New Orleans couldn't happen elsewhere?
    • Mr. Clinton expanded on the law-enforcement theme, signaling that terrorists need not fear an armed response.
    • Most radical of all were the ultraists like John Brown, who were prepared to wage armed conflict to achieve their objectives.
    • Its comrades argued openly for their ideas, but at the same time there was a clandestine organisation, assisted by the Russian Red Army, preparing for armed struggle.
    • We weren't really prepared for armed confrontation, so we decided to find another trail.
    • Firearms police are better prepared than ever to face the terrifying threat of an armed incident or terrorist attack, according the officer responsible for a new North Yorkshire Police team.
    • And then why did you commit four more armed robberies?
    • As a result, preparing for armed conflict is no longer only a matter of simply assembling battlefield strength to destroy defined adversaries.
    • There were mutterings of suing for peace - but as Britons prepared for an armed invasion, intelligence sources abroad detected that their worst fears may not be realised.
    • Confusing cinematic spectacle with the horrors and necessities of armed conflict signals an end to our ability to discern truth.
    • A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, kidnap, handling stolen goods and firearms offences.
    • The number of reported sexual assaults rose by 150 per cent and the number of armed robberies using firearms was up 67 per cent.
    • The essential issue has been the preservation of the ability to resort to armed terror, while limiting their opponents' capacity to respond in kind.
    • Police believe banning sales of replica guns will lead to a drop in armed robberies and firearms incidents.
    • Did the rush to recognise independence for Croatia and Slovenia in 1991 prepare the way for armed conflict or not?
    • The use of firearms in an armed robbery has declined in recent years, and at the same time there has been a dramatic increase in the use of other weapons, particularly knives, but also syringes.
    • A young shop assistant spoke of his relief today after being cleared of stealing £10,000 following an armed robbery at a Southampton post office.
    • In private but not in public, Fargo told the Chinese his command was prepared to use armed force to help defend Taiwan if the president so ordered.
    • Last month Batasuna, a banned party seen as Eta's political wing proposed a new formula for peace talks with the government, raising hopes that Eta might be prepared to end its armed struggle.
    • New types of weapons and equipment were in armed conflicts in the Middle East.