Translation of article in Spanish:


artículo, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɑrdək(ə)l//ˈɑːtɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (thing, item)
    artículo masculine
    objeto masculine
    an article of clothing una prenda (de vestir)
    • luxury articles artículos de lujo
    • this is malt whisky, the genuine article esto es auténtico whisky de malta
    • We also know that articles of clothing have already been found in a canyon and have been seized.
    • Once upon a time, those artefacts were merely gift articles.
    • It's a rare display of fascinating articles produced by master craftsmen.
    • All the articles had no producer's name or manufacturing date.
    • Inside are a few photographs of Dr. Kalam, some furniture, other household articles and a visitor's book.
    • From household articles to children's toys and leather products to paper creations, there are products for every purse and taste.
    • Sanjiv and his parents had demanded Rs 50,000, household articles and clothes as dowry.
    • Valuables in the house were missing and household articles were found lying scattered.
    • By and large such shavers are seen as a single type of commercial article.
    • At the end of the recent successful Summer Camp there were a number of articles of clothing left behind by participants.
    • It was only when an inquiry committee asked her to produce the said articles as evidence, that Apte realized her error in trusting the director.
    • Neighbours heard a commotion shortly after midnight and watched as police removed articles of clothing from the boot of the man's car.
    • They try to make it lucrative enough for the artisans, so that they will be able to make a living out of producing articles for the market, right round the year.
    • The lien may be claimed and maintained so long as the article remains in the possession of the lien claimant.
    • Under section 139, it is for the prosecution to prove that the defendant knowingly had the offending article in his possession.
    • We were surprised to see photographs and letters tucked into zip-locked bags and many coins and tiny articles of clothing fastened to the stones around the well.
    • The principal machine was capable of ironing 3,000 articles of clothing per day.
    • Now in Canada, authorities are investigating the loss or theft of more than 1,000 articles of clothing that are part of the uniform worn by airport screeners.
    • Every article of clothing reeks of foul-smelling smoke and those that cannot easily be washed have to be hung outside for days.
    • The training activities for women will be expanded from tailoring to beautician training, and the repair of household articles.
    • Two male guards make me remove various articles of clothing.
    • After working as an unskilled laborer, he began writing newspaper articles and short fiction.
    • Her one-sided piece is written purely from newspaper reports and magazine articles.
    • We have all seen countless articles in newspapers and magazines discussing the subject.
    • As happens so often in newspaper articles, the Times reporter quoted your conclusion without conveying any hint of the grounds for it.
    • I've been writing newspaper and magazine articles for over 40 years.
    • Unlike stories written for newspapers and magazines, articles on the Web stick around much longer.
    • She previously worked as a reporter for a sports news agency, supplying newspapers and magazines with articles.
    • The following is an article about our unit that was published in the Dallas Morning News.
    • Book proposals must include plans to write companion magazine and newspaper articles.
    • Abi will also continue to run the Bookweb, where she presents instructional articles on the craft of bookbinding.
    • Newspaper and magazine articles about the medical risks and economic consequences of obesity abound.
    • Because it was such a sensational crime in 1955, there were lots of newspaper and magazine articles written about it.
    • The Federalists passed the Sedition Act and John Adams used it to imprison newspaper columnists who wrote articles critical of his administration.
    • Week after week for more than three years The New Australian doggedly produced a stream of articles challenging the left on every intellectual level.
    • A number of players employed ghost writers, who in turn, produced articles which were not actually correct.
    • In my class, instead of the typical reading and writing assignments we read newspaper and magazine articles, and wrote letters to the editor.
    • I also tear out newspaper and magazine articles and keep them on hand, as they easily fit in my purse and I can toss them when I'm done reading.
    • It was the lead on the television news and was reported in prominent front-page articles in most newspapers.
    • As each year draws to a close, many newspaper and magazine articles offer basic year-end tax planning ideas.
    • He writes articles for newspapers and magazines on travel, scuba diving, underwater photography and heritage photography.
    • Literally translated into English, without articles, definite or indefinite, it becomes ‘return home occasional book’.
    • Again, in accordance with the structural account, it seems that the correct use of the lowercase d as initial letter in articles, even if it is enlarged, is diagnostic of word class.
    • Also, the children almost never used prepositions, articles, conjunctions, and other ‘function’ words.
    • What I do distinctly recall is the labor of pushing around nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles.
    • English is the only Indo-European language in Europe with no gender marking on articles or nouns - ever notice that?
    • He graduated with a B.Proc and then an LLB from the University of Transkei, taking evening courses so that he could do his articles at the Unitra legal aid clinic during the day.
  • 2

    (in newspaper, encyclopedia)
    artículo masculine
    article on / about sth/sb artículo sobre algo/algn
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    artículo masculine
    the Articles of the Constitution los Artículos de la Constitución
    • articles of association estatutos sociales
    • article of faith artículo de fe
    • The Thirty-Nine Articles los 39 artículos de fe de la Iglesia Anglicana
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    artículo masculine
    definite/indefinite article artículo determinado/indeterminado
  • 5

    aprendizaje masculine
    to be in / under articles with sb hacer el aprendizaje con algn

transitive verb

  • 1

    (trainee lawyer) estar haciendo la práctica con algn British
    to be articled to / with sb estar haciendo el aprendizaje con algn