Translation of asbestosis in Spanish:


asbestosis, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæzˌbɛsˈtoʊsəs//ˌasbɛˈstəʊsɪs//ˌazbɛˈstəʊsɪs//ˌæsbɛsˈtoʊsəs/


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    asbestosis feminine
    amiantosis feminine
    • Only the more severe grades of asbestosis are detectable by gross examination.
    • Clinically apparent asbestosis occurs only after a significant latent period.
    • They get deadly diseases like black lung, asbestosis, or more insidious poisonings.
    • Chest radiographs showed no evidence of asbestosis or other scarring pulmonary disease.
    • This issue has been addressed comprehensively by two of us in a study of asbestosis and lung cancer.