Translation of ascribable in Spanish:


atribuible, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈskraɪbəbəl//əˈskrʌɪbəb(ə)l/



  • 1

    imputable formal
    to be ascribable to sth/sb ser atribuible a algo/algn
    • The reason for this difference is hypothetical and may be ascribable to two different phenomena.
    • To assess the statistical significance of basic differences between male and female subjects that were independent of any disturbances ascribable to shiftwork, we conducted an initial analysis.
    • The similar level of satisfaction in our two study groups may be ascribable to this difference, as the family doctors may have compensated for any shortcomings related to the junior physicians' inexperience.
    • The problem with trouser suits is that despite their democratic appeal, they lack the universal qualities ascribable to men's tailoring.
    • Legislators make speeches, attend committee meetings, cast votes and leave a paper trail of positions taken and poses struck, mostly without consequences clearly ascribable to them as individuals.