Translation of askew in Spanish:


torcido, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈskju//əˈskjuː/


  • 1

    her hat was all askew llevaba el sombrero ladeado / torcido
    • When he brings the car to a halt we find ourselves outside a dilapidated, three-storeyed structure bearing a hotel sign, the last letter of which is slightly askew.
    • Brent turned to me, rolling his eyes, his tri-corner hat slightly askew.
    • At the door two glassy-eyed guards slowly tilt their heads slightly askew in opposite directions, and then towards each other.
    • He still wore his suit, his tie only slightly askew.
    • The images, presented at different scales on off-white paper, are slightly askew so as not to become confrontational.
    • It was then that he noticed the slightly askew vent cover.
    • Objects that would normally hug the wall were positioned askew.
    • In addition, the linear elements sometimes run slightly askew as they move from panel to panel.
    • Marin's glasses were slightly askew as he marked something in red pen on the paper in front of him.
    • The posts would be different sizes of papers laid out, slightly askew, all over the table.
    • Are the plates for light switches and outlets square or slightly askew?
    • If the layers are arranged in neat, parallel rows, instead of being slightly askew, then a volcanic process is more likely, he says.
    • He was a sickly grey color, his glasses were slightly askew, his hair was limp as if he hadn't even bothered with it that morning, and his coat and pants were rumpled.
    • The odd crooked stitch or slightly askew angel wing just shows that it is homemade and adds to the charm.
    • The whole construction is slightly askew; a sense of fragility and flimsiness is heightened by its literal fracturing into two sections.
    • His cap was worn slightly askew, and his hair was cut extremely short in an unusual geometric pattern around his ears.
    • There are the waiters, many of whom are Luger transplants, who rush through the crowd wearing long aprons and slightly askew snap-on bow ties.
    • His thick eyeglasses were slightly askew, but otherwise he was impeccable, dressed as always in brightly colored slacks and a plaid jacket.
    • My eyes stuck on the bow tie, because it was slightly askew.
    • My bangs were slightly askew, and I played around with them for a few moments before walking in.