Translation of asp in Spanish:


áspid, n.

Pronunciation /asp//æsp/


  • 1

    áspid masculine
    • Surely the worst asps in this world are the ones one has clasped to the bosom.
    • But, he mused: ‘I feel that I may be taking an asp to my bosom.’
    • Thus animals could be seen as the embodiments of evil, like the asp of Macarius of Alexandria.
    • The story of the asp, and of the suicide note, not only proclaimed Octavian's innocence: it gilded him with honour.
    • You try not to be seen, yet you snap out unexpectedly like a hidden asp.
    • Stretched out seductively on her cushion at Wolf's right elbow, she resembled an asp in greenery.
    • Overseas they have a mixture of cobras, vipers, asps and snake types that we don't have here, that produce quite different effects.
    • Have we, as a Nation, in our liberality, clasped an asp to our collective bosom.
    • Soon after Shirley Temple committed suicide by stinging herself with an asp's venom and her sadness was mirrored by thousands across the world.
    • If you were rotten, you might be a vole or an asp or a dung beetle.