Translation of assemblage in Spanish:


colección, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsɛmblɪdʒ//əˈsɛmblɪdʒ/


  • 1

    colección feminine
    • This flora is one of the best preserved and most diverse Tertiary assemblages in Europe, containing over 500 plant types, including more than 300 named species.
    • This is one of the richest and most diverse set of assemblages yet described from South China.
    • The presence of a diverse assemblage has been suspected on the basis of disarticulated remains preserved in such localities.
    • Simply put, species behave as statistical entities, making it necessary to back away from individual species or small assemblages to examine topdown processes.
    • On the other hand, the majority of fossil vertebrate assemblages accumulate over many temporal scales from days to millennia.
    • Therefore, the best hope for understanding global diversity patterns is to collect information on local assemblages.
    • This work represents one of the best of such compilations, a rich and comprehensive assemblage of the central documents that guided US actions during the Second World War.
    • This gathering is the largest periodic assemblage of human beings on the planet.
    • A diverse assemblage of winged insects appears suddenly in the fossil record about 330 million years ago, and there are few clues about their evolutionary lineage.
    • This great assemblage of birds forms one of the finest wildlife spectacles in the country and attracts many birdwatchers to the island, thus boosting its tourist industry.
    • When he died at the age of eighty-four, twenty thousand people, the largest assemblage Philadelphia had ever seen, watched his funeral procession.
    • The biotic diversity of the grasslands has historically supported a diverse assemblage of species.
    • The diverse oceanographic conditions that occur in the park give rise to a similarly diverse array of species assemblages.
    • When paleontologists gather data on relative abundance, they sample an assemblage that has accumulated over a long, usually unknown period of time.
    • A diverse assemblage of mainly wetland plant species resulted from sampling.
    • I knew that birding with such a diverse assemblage of people would be a challenge, but I also knew that they're all intelligent and appreciative folk.
    • ‘There is no evidence to suggest that this can be spread through brief contact or assemblages of large numbers of people,’ she said.
    • Bringing these ideas, words, and images to life are an assemblage of diverse and gifted actors unafraid to open themselves to each of these characters.
    • The river had sported a ragged and changing assemblage of cottonwoods, dense stands of willows, and water-seeking shrubs, weeds, grasses, and moss.
    • Rather, the past as she presents it is a well-populated landscape, or, as becomes a story teller, an assemblage of the characters involved in such processes.
  • 2

    (act of assembling)
    recopilación feminine
    • This outstanding collection is the result of the assemblage of important private collections including the contents of Emo House, County Laois and Ivy Hall, County Tipperary.
    • Indeed, these are moved by strong personal incentives, coincident with social interest to a certain extent when the goal of the community is the assemblage of a valuable collective good.
    • The power of Darnton's essay lay in his assemblage of familiar assertions about the origins and transmission of fairy tales.
    • Even more so than its predecessor, Rediffusion is the result of relentless sound researches, passionate assemblage and a sharp observation of existing combinations.
    • Their value consists particularly in the assemblage of material drawn from the old scholia and the lost works of earlier scholars and lexicographers.