Translation of assist in Spanish:


ayudar, v.

Pronunciation: /əˈsɪst//əˈsɪst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    asistir formal
    asistir a algn en algo formal
    to assist sb with / in sth ayudar a algn en algo
    • to assist sb in -ing ayudar a algn a + inf
    • a man is assisting the police with their inquiries la policía está interrogando a un sospechoso
    • she assisted them in organizing the conference los ayudó a organizar la conferencia

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to assist with / in sth ayudar en algo
    • Guidelines are presented to assist in the evaluation of allegations based on historical events.
    • The difference in the instant case is that it is left to the common law to provide the answer, no statutory framework is present to assist.
    • Yet, exercise professionals can assist clients by encouraging the idea that exercise is a priority.
    • If you need help with your resume we have friendly knowledgeable staff available to assist.
    • It is hoped that all three local councillors will be able to be present to assist in the process.
    • He will be long remembered by his colleagues for untiring attention to all aspects of his work, unfailing courtesy and easy availability to assist and advise.
    • Filtering software and technologies can assist, but not replace parental supervision.
    • A number of organizations and support groups can assist you in your fight against obesity.
    • No subtitles are present to assist, although they would be welcome when the Australian accents are prevalent.
    • Rainbows is a peers support programme to assist children or adults who are grieving a death or separation.
    • I [i.e. Mr Jones] told him to leave the day-to-day management of [the appellant] to the other members of the board and I would be available to assist when necessary.
    • The summary is presented to assist in understanding the financial statements.
    • She has also assisted at blood donor sessions in the town, and only stopped doing that in March.
    • Set up a computer that can be used for editing, and let users know when you (or someone who is familiar with the software) are available to assist.
    • Sometimes an official may be present to interpret and assist, but the onus still is on the player.
    • From earliest times Government services have therefore been made available to assist independently warring industrial parties.
    • For large groups we ask for some notice so that enough staff members are available to assist.
    • He's been out there and up all night assisting under the leadership of the Coast Guard and Suffolk County Police.
    • She also very graciously assisted in the awards presentation that was done around the pool on the Saturday evening.
    • The leaflet says: ‘We need to form a new committee and require other helpers to assist in organising and running events that you want.’
  • 2formal

    (be present)
    to assist at sth asistir a algo


  • 1

    asistencia feminine
  • 2US

    (contributory achievement)
    contribución feminine