Translation of associate in Spanish:


vincular, v.

Pronunciation: /əˈsəʊʃɪeɪt//əˈsoʊʃiˌeɪt//əˈsəʊsɪeɪt//əˈsoʊsiˌeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (involve, connect)
    she was associated with the movement estaba vinculada al movimiento
    • he refused to be associated with the scheme no quiso tener nada que ver con el asunto
  • 2

    (link in mind)
    (concepts/phenomena) asociar
    (concepts/phenomena) relacionar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to associate ( with sb) relacionarse ( con algn)


  • 1

    (in business, profession)
    (masculine and feminine) colega
    a business associate un asociado (/ socio etc. )
    • She turned the phrase over in her mind, trying to associate this broken city with the word ‘home’.
    • Because of its connection to rain and water, the frog was also associated with the cleansing and healing powers of water.
    • ‘People always associate inner cities with social problems, but there are a lot of good things about these areas,’ he said.
    • Traditional banks are associated with wealth and profit; food banks with poverty and scarcity.
    • We thank everyone who was associated with this walk for their support.
    • The party is not associated with concern for the environment or for the developing world.
    • Danny Gill said the cake sale on Sunday was a most successful event and he thanked all who were associated with the event.
    • While judges may have associated severe sentences with deterrence, the connection was not necessarily valid.
    • The reception would be a highlight of the year and he thanked all who were associated with it.
    • The pub has been associated with the regatta for many years, and became involved in organising it after it was cancelled a couple of years ago.
    • Two memories I have of my father are associated with it.
    • She's also getting the hang of associating signs with people.
    • The system is often associated with snow in the mountains, although according the spokesperson, snow in Johannesburg would be unlikely.
    • People have always associated the mind with the technological fad of the moment.
    • Since the Romantics, the life of the mind has been associated with solitude, anguish and inner division.
    • It was very well supported and sincere thanks to all who were associated with the day.
    • ‘That is how we lose the passengers' faith and money and our name is associated with only negative emotions,’ a Balkan flight attendant said.
    • Political and social cohesion were strongly associated with past economic success, and in a weak global economy most didn't want to rock the boat.
    • This kind of system associates capitalistic criteria with social criteria, which will be in conflict.
    • Cole slaw is possibly associated with Southern food because it so frequently accompanies barbeque.
    • Even the term cyberspace renders an absolute connection, associating digital experiences with spatial descriptors.
    • Milk is inescapably associated with new life, emerging from the body of a mother animal for the purpose of nourishing her own newborn young.
    • These meetings had come to occupy a part of Kara's mind that associated them with dentists and GP appointments.
    • Well I mean this is a radio program so you can't see all the visuals that were associated with that.
    • This album is forever associated with my 31st birthday.
    • Ever since my forced childhood stint in Sunday school, I had associated the Gospels with stories about ancient men in dusty tunics.
    • However, these instances of the combination of research methods are associated with just one research strategy.
    • They can tell us so much about the people who were associated with the church in previous times.
    • And so being associated with that, being able to help shape that, was important to me.
  • 2

    (member of professional body)
    colegiado masculine
    colegiada feminine
  • 3

    (in US legal firm)

    abogado que aún no es socio de un bufete


  • 1

    (member) no numerario
    (director/professor/editor) adjunto masculine US