Translation of assure in Spanish:


asegurar, v.

Pronunciation: /əˈʃʊə//əˈʃɔː//əˈʃʊr/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(guarantee)

      I assure you se lo aseguro
      • they assured us that they would be there nos aseguraron / garantizaron que estarían allí
      • to assure sb of sth garantizarle algo a algn
      • they have assured us of their support nos han garantizado su apoyo
      • I'm trying hard not to take this as an indictment of my efforts, assuring myself it's symptomatic of our age, an aimless seeking without focus.
      • However, I assure you that the Hogbetsotso festival is a genuine Ghanaian event.
      • I want to be convinced the council acted prudently and want to be assured members' wishes were implemented by officers.
      • I assure her one more time that I do not mean to hurt her in any way.
      • He assured her that Pakistan had a positive and constructive attitude towards the ongoing bilateral talks.
      • ‘I am not defined by my possessions,’ he assures himself.
      • Mr McInnes, who has told a journalist on the phone they're planning to win in Edinburgh Pentlands, constantly assures himself and those around that they are organised, but it doesn't ring true.
      • The chairman confirmed the company was seeking two new directors and assured everyone that they would be extremely independent.
      • I assure you this will take a lot of practice and as you all know, practice makes perfect.
      • However, the 55 staff at the call centre have been assured by the company they will be redeployed in other positions.
      • If this were not true, we would still be assuring ourselves that the sun revolves around the earth, and the church, centuries later, would never have apologized to Galileo, who declared the opposite.
      • I've assured and reassured him a hundred times that this isn't true, but then, there's only so much you can say to salvage a hurt ego.
      • While I did like Brent and his company, I did not like his constant need to assure and reassure me that Markus was a swell guy.
      • Without making promises, he assured Kim the team would consider that possibility over the winter.
      • I'm not promising we'll win it, but I can assure all the supporters that we're determined to give it our best shot.
      • He promised and assured all that this was but a preliminary visit and that he would be back on Christmas Eve with the toys they had written for.
      • That sort of thing was an inner-city disease, people assured themselves, not something that happened here.
      • He said that he would not lead them in prayer until they had assured him of their loyalty.
      • I wasn't sure how, but I assured myself that I would find a way.
      • Admitting that he was not satisfied with the water supply in the capital, he assured us that his corporation was willing to do what was needed to correct the problems.
      • She assured and reassured us they didn't have peanuts in them but I stayed away from them just in case.

    • 1.2(convince)

      he tried to assure them that the rumor was false trató de convencerlos de que el rumor era falso

  • 2

    (make certain)
    to assure sb ( of ) sth
    • this work will assure me (of) a regular income este trabajo me asegurará una entrada fija
  • 3British

    (life) asegurar