Translation of assured in Spanish:


seguro, adj.

Pronunciation: /əˈʃʊrd//əˈʃʊəd/


  • 1

    (income) seguro
    the play's success was assured la obra tenía el éxito asegurado
  • 2

    (person) seguro (de sí mismo)
    her assured manner su aplomo
    • rest assured: you'll never be troubled by him again pierde cuidado: no te volverá a molestar


  • 1

    the assured (plural) las aseguradas
    • This has resulted in employees of companies believing that bonuses were an assured part of their total remuneration package.
    • 7A was occupied on an assured shorthold tenancy, producing £55.
    • The companies rented out the properties they had purchased from Bradford & Bingley on assured shorthold tenancies.
    • Accordingly, we enclose a revised notice of an assured shorthold tenancy, having amended the term commencement date to today's date.
    • Although the property is tenanted, it is tenanted under an assured shorthold tenancy that can be brought to an end by service of a notice within a very short period.
    • He accepted that he had read the letter from John Smith dated 20 June, which speaks of an assured shorthold tenancy, but said he did not know what was meant by that nor did he ask anyone to explain.
    • If the annual market rent is in excess of £25,000 no landlord could reasonably be expected to let the premises at less than the market rent when the only advantage of an assured tenancy would be to the tenant.
    • The Committee considered that if Flat 6 was improved and let on a typical assured shorthold tenancy, it would let for a rent in the region of £900 per lunar month.
    • That was clearly notice, if correct, that she was a person whose rights to an assured tenancy by succession had to be taken into account.
    • Although we are now familiar with the notion that an assured shorthold tenancy gives the tenant a very limited security of tenure, that would not have been the case in 1988.
    • From the information available, it would appear that Mrs Ali has an assured tenancy at the above address.
    • By contrast, Kerry had wandered around the stage with his microphone, making comments and interacting with the crowd, talking in a relaxed, assured fashion.
    • Only 17 years old at the time the film was shot, she gives a remarkably assured performance as the rich and beautiful young socialite.
    • The performance in Dublin was as assured and purposeful as Wembley had been six months previously.
    • In our schools and organizations, we place value on sounding assured and confident.
    • He was an assured front-bench performer, which is a different thing from simply being an orator (although eloquence is a necessary component).
    • While not many of us may know the intricate work that goes on there, we can be assured that it is a vibrant, positive, top-class facility in which we can take great pride.
    • Her supporting cast put in assured performances, too.
    • From the very beginning, I was really impressed with Chan's direction and his assured grasp of shot composition.
    • More significantly, this was an assured performance by a team who must be finding life far more comfortable now.
    • It's an assured performance and shows skill beyond his years.
    • Longford were a much bigger and more mature team than Galway, and were much more assured and confident.
    • This time around, they started positively enough, although the German champions looked reasonably assured in defence in the opening 20 minutes.
    • Be assured that our vision is and remains client satisfaction.
    • We see them play and they look so assured, but they're full of doubts.
    • Callers can be assured that confidentiality is guaranteed.
    • Never mind, he'll have silenced a few detractors with this assured performance.
    • Woolfe is an assured performer, and both the music and direction make for a brisk if light confection.
    • In an assured performance, he unveiled a number of initiatives to improve the working lives of nurses, although they failed to address the central issue of pay.
    • The performance was certainly more assured than the stuttering 2-2 draw with Loule earlier in the week.
    • But thanks to Erika's show of full-hearted support, he now felt much more assured and confident about himself and in his abilities as a leader.
    • This was just one of a number of excellent saves by the new Newry stopper in what was an assured performance.
    • Keightley, in support, was just as assured and put Teddington in a winning position.
    • He handled the foot-and-mouth crisis a few years back with an assured confidence and leadership not displayed by any minister in any crisis for years.
    • He gave his evidence in a very confident and assured way.