Translation of asterisk in Spanish:


asterisco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈastərɪsk//ˈæstəˌrɪsk/


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    asterisco masculine
    • Well, it's about time we removed that damn asterisk.
    • Anyway, more importantly, how did they manage to brainwash everyone into always putting that asterisk at the end?
    • I reveal most of the plot, so if you want to avoid the spoilers, skip any paragraph preceded by an asterisk (*).
    • The asterisk footnote stated that all dates are for planning purposes and subject to change, so we may not see this running in actual business systems for quite some time.
    • The article proceeded to spell out the word in block capitals, replacing asterisks and leaving nothing to the imagination.
    • My comments follow your paragraphs and my asterisks.
    • The asterisk indicates a cross-reactive species.
    • Programming languages often consist of a seemingly random usage of parentheses, brackets, asterisks, slashes, colons and semi-colons.
    • Many significant differences of a small to moderate magnitude were found, as indicated by the asterisks.
    • An individual, whose name is marked with a double asterisk, gave a witness statement which was put in evidence under the Civil Evidence Act.
    • Its text is interrupted in several dozen places with sets of asterisks that substitute for classified information that has been excised.
    • Unless you check the (barely visible) asterisk at the bottom of the nutrition facts panel, you'd never know that those numbers leave out the pound of ground beef that you're supposed to add.
    • As in previous Intelligence and Security Committee reports, significant sections considered to be operationally sensitive were blanked out with asterisks following pre-publication vetting by the agencies.
    • It was the sort of ‘free’ that used to have to have a little asterisk next to it attached to some nasty fine print.
    • Scholarly notes are usually signalled by superscript numbers at appropriate points in a text, but such symbols as asterisks and obelisks may be used instead for footnotes.
    • The 80 species denoted by a double asterisk are native species included on the State list of rare, threatened or endangered plants of Maryland.
    • Everything should have asterisks and footnotes.
    • The asterisk led to small print at the bottom of the page which read: ‘Offer subject to availability’.
    • Honestly, have you ever seen the word ‘free’ in a financial ad without an asterisk (*) or obelus next to it?
    • Many search engines employ wild cards - special symbols, usually an asterisk (*), that you add to a term to indicate different possibilities.
    • And what did that asterisk highlight, what did it show?