Translation of astute in Spanish:


sagaz, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈstjuːt//əˈst(j)ut/


  • 1

    (person) sagaz
    (person) perspicaz
    (decision) inteligente
    that was very astute of you en eso estuviste muy listo
    • All three are politically astute and have been following the election in the media.
    • In the last general election no one, not even the most astute of pundits, foresaw his demise.
    • An immediate promise to continue funding the service is both the fair and politically astute thing to do.
    • It also marks a shift in public attitudes which the former MP has been astute enough to recognise.
    • Such astute use of credit cards has kept Margaret in financially good shape for 15 years.
    • I regard him as an astute businessman who is very conscious of the value of capital.
    • I was incensed that my friend, an astute judge of character, had said yes.
    • An astute and responsible mayor would use this decision as an opportunity for change.
    • They are also astute at maintaining public sympathy by regularly deserting the picket lines to save lives.
    • Our leader is intelligent and astute, as we have seen with her handling of Iraq.
    • She was also an astute businesswoman, eventually running three cafés and a catering business.
    • He is said to be acutely focused and astute in assessing what he should and should not buy.
    • Terry's as tactically astute as anyone I have worked with and when it comes to motivation he's one of the best.
    • If officers have to make decisions for the Council, they need to be visionary and commercially astute.
    • This is a very astute move on Ryan's part.
    • He is learned, astute, admirably sensible, and possesses an elegant and clear prose style.
    • In re-inventing Manchester for the new millennium, the city council has proved very astute.
    • Unlike some sportsmen, he has been astute enough to invest in a financial future during his playing days.
    • They defended superbly, attacked courageously and played the most astute tactical game.
    • The striker is tied to the club until October so holding on to him to the end of the season may be the more financially astute move.