Translation of at all in Spanish:

at all


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    they don't like him at all no les gusta nada
    • do you know him at all? ¿lo conoces?
    • are you at all surprised? ¿es que te sorprende?
    • I'm not at all worried / worried at all no estoy para nada preocupada
    • she didn't feel at all well no se sentía nada bien
    • what was the show like? — not bad at all, not at all bad ¿qué tal el show? — no estuvo nada mal
    • come late? he didn't come at all ¿que si vino tarde? ¡ni apareció!
    • they'll come late, if they come at all vendrán tarde, si es que vienen
    • if you come across him at all, ask him to call me si llegaras a verlo, dile que me llame
    • seldom if at all rara vez o nunca
    • if there's any hope at all of … si es que hay alguna esperanza de …
    • I'd like to have it tomorrow, if at all possible lo quisiera para mañana, si fuera posible