Translation of atlas in Spanish:


atlas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈætləs//ˈatləs/


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    atlas masculine
    • Up the hill, through that pass, turn left after a bit was what I remembered from the road atlas.
    • Picture one of those mileage charts you get in the front of road atlases.
    • Back at home, he went into his den and got out his road atlas.
    • Among them were prints in valuable 16th and 17th century editions of atlases by Mercator, Speed, Jansson and Blaeu.
    • If you're hiring a car, you may need a road atlas.
    • Finally, we located these sites on a road atlas for the use of our volunteers.
    • Since they were all manuscript, no two charts or atlases were alike in size, decoration or cartographic content.
    • The very few who carried a road atlas seemed incapable of reading it as they sought a way out of their self-inflicted predicament.
    • This technique can be used to generate easily interpretable maps, to animate past and future incidence and to provide consistent visualizations for a national disease atlas.
    • By 1650, two-thirds of the continent's coast were thus widely known not only in Europe, but also wherever Dutch charts, atlases, and globes were distributed.
    • But the greatest impact has come through global warming, with successive editions of the atlas showing shrinking ice fields and evaporating lakes.
    • Taking the road atlas with her, Misha got out of the lorry cab again and headed over to the white and red lorry belonging to the Polish driver.
    • The plot is about as difficult to read as a road atlas.
    • Carl had been poring over the pages of a road atlas.
    • The collection also features world maps, and includes atlases, globes, school geographies, maritime charts, and a variety of pocket, wall, children's, and manuscript maps.
    • The school has no electricity and no running water, classes of up to 70, teachers who often do not get paid their five dollars a week and the only book is an atlas from 1956.
    • Some of my favorite books are old, gorgeously illustrated encyclopedias and atlases.
    • I am certain that my colleagues at the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach will not rest on this achievement, however, and so I look forward to a third Swiss breeding bird atlas in a few years.
    • Even the way we learn and package information from books, magazines, atlases, and newspapers has improved.
    • Mercator's main work, an atlas, was published in several editions from 1585 on and beyond his death in 1594.
    • This was probably the first collection of maps in book form twenty years before Mercator published his atlas.
    • Don't be surprised when the public stick to their trusty road atlases!