Translation of atomic in Spanish:


atómico, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈtɒmɪk//əˈtɑmɪk/


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    (of atoms)
    • This device was originally used to map surfaces at the atomic level by using a single atom held at the tip of a probe.
    • Nanotechnology is the study and manipulation of materials on atomic and molecular scales measured in billionths of a meter.
    • It consists of atomic and molecular hydrogen, with 10 per cent of helium.
    • Dispersed material may range in size from particles of atomic and molecular dimensions to particles whose size is measured in millimeters.
    • The study of molecular and atomic structure is called quantum chemistry, or quantum mechanics.
    • Particles from the atomic realm such as photons, electrons or atoms are fired at the first plate, which has two vertical slits in it.
    • The team has used gases such as ethanol to prevent oxidation and atomic oxygen or hydrogen to remove contamination and provide in-situ cleaning.
    • One strategy for studying phase transitions is to sweep aside all the intricacy of atomic or molecular structure and build the simplest model that exhibits the behavior of interest.
    • The electromagnetic force holds electrons in orbit around atomic nuclei and is thus responsible for holding together all material with which we are familiar.
    • Later, Rutherford also discovered the atomic nucleus and the proton.
    • Its output of particles (electrons, protons, ions and atomic nuclei) is approximately one million tonnes per second.
    • All substances occur in atomic form, each atom being eternal and indestructible.
    • At that temperature, the gas has enough energy to excite molecular hydrogen but not atomic hydrogen.
    • In conventional superconductors, atomic vibrations induce the electron pairing.
    • ‘To me a table is a bowl of Jello,’ he says, a reference to the constant jitters that occur on the atomic level.
    • When she observed the galaxy later using the radio telescope, she found that it is embedded in a huge disk of atomic hydrogen gas.
    • The region occupied by some atomic orbitals is spherical with the nucleus of the atom at the center of the sphere.
    • Using a molecular beam epitaxy chamber, scientists spray-paint a surface with atoms under high temperatures, creating an atomic coating.
    • An atomic orbital is the region around the nucleus of an atom where an electron of a particular energy is most likely to be found.
    • The breakthrough may help to address concerns about the safety of nanotechnology - the engineering and use of materials at an atomic or molecular scale.
    • Scientists have broken water down to its atomic material.
    • Whilst we are a long way away from turning lead into gold, science at the atomic level, or nanotechnology, is with us already.
    • Studies of complex biological molecules at the atomic level will play a crucial role in this process.
    • Early studies of radioactivity revealed that certain atomic nuclei were naturally radioactive.
    • The latter half of the twentieth century has opened to scientists an entirely new world: the world of atomic and subatomic particles.
    • Because of its weak interaction with atomic nuclei, the neutrino travels freely through any material object and is very difficult to observe.
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    (power/energy/warfare) atómico
    the atomic age la era atómica
    • Then, in late 1953, the Atomic Energy Commission succeeded in developing a high-yield, lightweight atomic weapon.
    • We can scoff now at the innocence of the early atomic age when we were all advised that in a nuclear attack it was safe to hide under the kitchen table.
    • Dr Barnaby worked in a British atomic weapons laboratory in the 1950s, and later headed up the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
    • The atomic fallout is still falling, a silent, ominous dust that isn't remarked upon, only suggested.
    • Has your recipe for nuclear fuel changed much since the birth of the atomic age?
    • Shock at this event and fear of the possibility of atomic attack, led to the installation of a new system of cable communication in the USA.
    • Following the initial use of an atomic weapon against his country, the Japanese war minister, General Korechiki Anami, attempted to persuade the Japanese Supreme Council to continue the war.
    • This was the first film to suggest that mankind will have to conquer its destructive nature and control its atomic weapons if it ever wants to join the rest of the peace-loving Universe.
    • Nuclear fusion is sort of the Holy Grail of energy production, whereby atomic nuclei slam together at high temperatures, fuse and release a great deal of energy.
    • Cheney said recent information gleaned from a top former Pakistani nuclear scientist provided compelling evidence that Pyongyang has an active atomic weapons program.
    • The strike against Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 signaled the beginning of the atomic age and a revolution in strategic affairs.
    • It is precisely those features which are undesirable in a nuclear reactor that are vital in an atomic weapon.
    • That the cooperation with the Kremlin had limits was shown in the Manhattan Project, the secret Anglo-American effort to acquire an atomic weapon before the Germans.
    • Israel has always maintained a policy of nuclear ambiguity, refusing to confirm or deny it has atomic weapons.
    • Robert Oppenheimer, one of the scientists who created the American atomic bomb, characterized the atomic age as like two scorpions trapped in a glass jar.
    • Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, historians have devoted nearly as much energy to debating who made the decision to use the bomb as was released in the atomic explosions.
    • According to sources in the security services, upon his release the former atomic reactor technician is to be prevented from travelling abroad.
    • The centrality of atomic fission and fusion is giving way to the collection, processing, fusion, and dissemination of information.
    • The atomic fallout would settle along the beaches and cities of the world - including New Zealand and Canada.
    • Leahy's position on atomic weapons was affected by the fact that he simply did not believe that the bomb would work.
    • The Soviets had exploded their first atomic device in 1949, but they lacked credible delivery systems to threaten the United States directly.
    • Mining of uranium ores has been a controversial issue because of its use in atomic weapons and the potential for accidents at nuclear power stations.
    • This is like depending on super weapons to defend us in an atomic age.
    • The threat of nuclear proliferation will abate as dangerous stockpiles of atomic weapons are quickly used up.
    • Just as nuclear scientists concerned about lethal radioactivity oppose atomic weapons, should marine scientists campaign for an end to coal-fired power stations?
    • Radio Bikini reminds us that as long as there are atomic weapons around the world, what happened in that out of the way atoll is just another dumb decision, probably destined to be repeated.