Translation of attachment in Spanish:


accesorio, n.

Pronunciation /əˈtætʃmənt//əˈtatʃm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(part)

      accesorio masculine
      • Attaching the attachment has become much simpler with the development of easy-to-operate hitching systems.
      • So I put it in the mixer with the paddle attachment attached.
      • In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment, combine the flour and semolina.
      • Other useful attachments include hole saw blades, spade bits, buffing disks and depth stops, screw driving bits, sanding disks, or even a power grinder.
      • Section 303 prohibits the use of makeshift fittings or attachments that are load bearing.
      • The growth in the types and performance of attachments for construction equipment shows no signs of stopping.
      • Many garden tillers have sickle bar mower attachments available.
      • However, you'll soon acquire a number of attachments to change the function of the gun that turn it into a sniper rifle and a grenade launcher.
      • American military weapons cannot fire blanks without the addition of a bulky attachment to the firearm.
      • Compare frames, axles, transmissions, efficiency from power take off to attachments and interchangeability of attachments.
      • These clamps are extra attachments that ensure the lander stays perfectly fixed to the spacecraft during the launch and is not affected by launch vibrations.
      • I had my cordless drill with attachments, flat-tip screwdriver and a claw hammer.
      • She took out the plug attachment and started dialing.
      • The handle portion of the attachment should be on the top of your foot.
      • The floor models are typically better buys with more accessories and attachments and are able to handle larger projects than the bench-top models.
      • The flow rates and pressure of the auxiliary hydraulics play a key role in the performance of the attachments.
      • The policy stated that ‘the site, position or fitting of the attachment or sign should not promote decay in the pole or impede testing for decay.’
      • There were some reported incidences of cracks developing in the aluminum mast extrusions near these attachments but these problems seem to have been solved in later model boats.
      • Remove the bowl, replace the hook attachment with the paddle attachment, and return to the mixer.
      • A volley of lasers shot out from a special attachment below the handle.
      • In addition, the many attachments that can be added to the front and back of an ATV allow it to be a multiuse utility vehicle.
      • Not only will the attachments be hard to handle, you may wind up with an uneven overall length or possibly damage your hair unnecessarily.

    • 1.2(connecting)

      acoplamiento masculine
      attachment to sth compromiso con algo
      • Constructed from machined aluminum, this combat light also can be used for signaling and has a stainless-steel belt clip for sturdy attachment.
      • These conditions favor attachment and growth of bacteria and allow for a greatly increased bacterial density.
      • Each pet identification tag comes with a split ring for attachment to your pet's collar.
      • A small plastic zip-lock bag of hardware for attachment to the tripod and for mounting the telescope was included.
      • For easy access a stainless split ring and snap are included for attachment to clothing loops and button holes.

    • 1.3(to email)

      adjunto masculine
      • We need to teach staff to use file servers and File Transfer Protocol instead of e-mail attachments.
      • If I want to share my spreadsheet with you, I can easily send it to you as an email attachment, but what happens if the file is too large?
      • Individual PC users can now control what happens to the e-mail messages and attachments sent from their computers.
      • Changes in music consuming behaviour were not the result of the appearance of personal sites and the exchange of MP3 files as attachments in e-mail.
      • It spread via e-mail attachments, infected webpages and other computers linked on a network.
      • Employees frequently copy or forward email messages with attachments, resulting in multiple repeated transmissions of the same or similar data.
      • If innocent computer users open the email attachment they run the risk of the worm opening a back door which will allow hackers to gain remote access to the PC.
      • A simple selection may ban all e-mail with executable attachments, a great way to avoid virus-carrying messages.
      • When in doubt, always err on the side of caution and do not open, download, or execute files or e-mail attachments.
      • Viruses can be sent out as email attachments to infect your computer if you open them.
      • Most email systems reliably allow file attachments of 1 megabyte or less.
      • Often malicious in nature, it can be deposited as an e-mail attachment or as a website download and used to harvest passwords or other confidential data.
      • Vendors that make most of their money from desktop or server-based anti-virus scanners argue that most of these viruses could be thwarted by a policy of blocking executable attachments in email.
      • They also advise end-users to be extra careful about opening attachments.
      • I am not an idiot, I never open emails with file attachments or pictures even if I know who is sending them!
      • This variant spreads itself in e-mails as an executable attachment.
      • If users bought a personal firewall and configured it never to accept incoming connections, and were smart about email attachments and websites, they'd be a lot safer.
      • The worm spreads by email as a file attachment called GONE.SCR
      • Yesterday my computer got infected with this virus after a friend opened an email attachment on my computer.
      • The spokeswoman said she did not know which Trojan or malware script the email attachment contained.
      • Other viruses may infect a computer via an e-mail attachment or Web site but do not spread automatically after affecting the operations of the computer.
      • There's really no good reason to get caught out: simply filtering executable attachments from emails will guard against this virus.

  • 2

    • 2.1(fondness)

      cariño masculine
      apego masculine
      attachment to sb/sth cariño por algn/algo
      • And although I've called Edinburgh my home for the last nine years, I still feel a strong emotional attachment to the place where I spent my childhood.
      • ‘I feel a very strong emotional attachment to Claire,’ he told me six months after his daughter was born.
      • The emotional attachments between the instructor and his pupils are obvious.
      • Your child may also develop a strong emotional attachment to a real friend and it's wrong to make fun of this.
      • Lynch proposes that higher levels of family interaction and attachment are associated with diminished adolescent sexual activity.
      • Car owners will moan, but such is the attachment to our vehicles we will probably stump up the extra amount.
      • Previously, Learner and Kruger found that parent attachment was positively associated with students' motivation to succeed.
      • I believe that she has a strong bond of attachment to both of her parents and feels securely attached to each.
      • The survey found that Canadians feel strong attachment to their country, their province and their community, in that order.
      • It is natural that people have a strong sense of attachment to historical houses and old neighbourhoods because they never fail to stir up emotion.
      • Like so many of her generation, Katie had a deep faith and a very strong attachment to her religion.
      • There is still a sizeable holding in the family, which has a strong sentimental attachment to the company.
      • Small wonder, then, people here feel such a strong sense of attachment to their rugby heroes.
      • With their lack of attachment to any specific place and their devotion to money and fame, could Asia's youth abandon all that previous generations have built?
      • It is time to look to the other side of my original question: why does the democracy work well despite the people having no strong attachment to it?
      • There was a strong cultural attachment to the ideas of national and parliamentary sovereignty.
      • Almost universally in families, there are strong feelings of attachment to one another that defy logical explanation.
      • I suppose I could say I'm part of a community here, but I don't really feel any strong attachment to anyone.
      • There is nothing sentimental about his attachment to the company he helped to found, but there is clear evidence of a huge personal commitment nevertheless.
      • Of particular concern is the evidence that there is little attachment between the father and the children, particularly the younger two.

    • 2.2(commitment)

      compromiso masculine
      attachment to sth compromiso con algo

    • 2.3(relationship)

      relación feminine
      to form an attachment entablar una relación

  • 3British

    adscripción temporal feminine
    • He published articles on health visitor attachments and group practice organisation.
    • I was a second year clinical student, doing part of my obstetric attachment in January in one of the colder parts of Britain.
    • He is one of the lucky ones; he has just passed the first of his exams, and now he is on attachment in north London and waiting for the results of his second exam.
    • The hospitals in Merthyr, Newport, and Pontypridd where I served my student attachments and house jobs are now gone, replaced by sparkling new edifices.
    • He said the club would find employment for the players while on attachment there.
    • It is now far simpler to work with another department and job sharing and short-term attachments are the rule rather than the exception.
    • Because free agent workers do not usually have long-term attachments to one organization, their needs for career development must be met in non-traditional ways.
    • Therefore many take up temporary unpaid observer attachments in the hope of transferring to a training post.
    • As well as being a qualified area car driver and tutor constable, he had spent time on attachment with the force child protection unit, where, ironically, he had been trained in interviewing children.
    • He said under-20 players could be sent on attachment for varying periods of up to six months while under-17 players could go to football schools.
    • A mother whose son is serving on attachment with the Black Watch vented her anger at the Prime Minister yesterday over the decision to move troops in Iraq.
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    (of property)
    embargo masculine
    • Under Texas law, these are exempt from attachment, execution and seizure for the satisfaction of debt.
    • It came in the form of stay laws, restrictions upon forced sales, and freedom from attachment for debt for certain classes of property.
    • This was not surprising in view of the fact that in most cases security was put up voluntarily and without an arrest or attachment and therefore without reference to the jurisdiction of a court of arrest or attachment.
    • Trustees in bankruptcy were appointed and the court ordered attachment of its property.
    • An exception applies, however, if the foreign branch of the bank closes down prior to the appropriation or attachment of the funds by the foreign government.
    • With quasi-judicial powers, NHB will be able to recommend attachment of property in case of default in loan repayments.