Translation of attendance allowance in Spanish:

attendance allowance


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    (in UK)
    prestación económica que se da a discapacitados que requieren cuidados constantes
    • If you are living in a care home and pay all your own fees you can claim attendance allowance.
    • Grants to improve heating and insulation of property are available to pensioners in receipt of pension credit or attendance allowance and anyone receiving a disability living allowance.
    • If you are caring for someone receiving a disability or attendance allowance, you may be able to apply for this.
    • In the United Kingdom eligibility for attendance allowance may be immediately available in the exceptional circumstance of cancer with a short terminal prognosis of less than six months.
    • Welfare rights officers visited their home to carry out an assessment, advising the couple they could claim for attendance allowance, which would give them a healthy contribution towards paying for their nursing care.
    • For example, when a person is discharged from National Health Service accommodation, he or she may be entitled to attendance allowance or other social security benefits.
    • Among the other entitlements many pensioners fail to claim are housing benefit, council tax benefit and attendance allowance.
    • We deal with attendance allowance, disability living allowance, mobility allowance and war pensions.
    • She is not very mobile so she applied for attendance allowance to help with daily living.
    • We process disability living allowance and attendance allowance claims for disabled and elderly people.
    • They pooled resources with the Department for Work and Pensions to introduce a new joint visiting team to help people apply for benefits such as attendance allowance, disability living allowance and pension credit.
    • Pension Credit, Council tax benefit, housing benefit and attendance allowance are just some of the benefits available to many older people to make life a little easier.
    • Money-related benefits such as pension credit, housing benefit and attendance allowance are all worth looking into.
    • The following benefits are recoverable only against the compensation for the cost of care incurred during the relevant period: attendance allowance; care component of disability living allowance; and disablement pension increase.
    • A pilot study carried out by one of us showed substantial health gains among elderly people after receipt of attendance allowance.