Translation of attendant in Spanish:


guarda, n.

Pronunciation /əˈtɛndənt//əˈtɛnd(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (in museum, parking lot) guarda masculine
    (in pool, toilets) encargado masculine
    (in pool, toilets) encargada feminine
    • But he thought it could take between 18 months and two years before there is a new generation of council-employed car park attendants in North Wiltshire.
    • It means re-establishing park wardens, bus conductors and platform attendants who provide some community control, and giving people a degree of hope and a sense of community.
    • There are around 20 parking attendants employed in Bolton who hand out 28,000 tickets a year.
    • ‘The parking attendant who has provided this information seems to be out to make mischief,’ said the spokesman.
    • Glasgow, which employs its own parking attendants, raised £6.6m in parking fines last year.
    • One writer recounted a story about a scientist who stopped at a garage in America and began to chat to the service attendant.
    • These days, Michael spends his time helping out flight attendants, traffic wardens, watch repairers and service station attendants.
    • Talk with the health-care provider about your options, including home-care attendants, services and equipment.
    • Service attendants consider themselves equal to their guests, and usually are not subservient.
    • Half of the 60 coach service attendants and 40 auto mechanics were axed in the Department of Transportation.
    • They are hated by the public more than parking attendants and tax inspectors.
    • All that's missing is for the coastguard to ask deckchair attendants to provide lunch-hour cover.
    • The car attendants did provide accurate and timely information after the mid-morning crossing accident but they had lost the trust of most of the passengers by then.
    • There would be no incentive for road users to control the demand for parking, and there would also be no incentive for parking attendants to provide a service.
    • He works at a hotel and was just recently promoted from bellhop to room service attendant.
    • The borough council says maintaining the pool is too expensive, and it would have to employ a qualified attendant on site at all times.
    • Police officers are injured no more often than motel clerks or service station attendants.
    • ‘Customers have come in saying there are massive queues in all the other garages,’ an attendant at the Cardiff Service Station said.
    • The forecourts were filthy, the attendants sloppy and the service virtually non-existent.
    • The behaviour of council wardens is currently regulated by a civil code of conduct, and, in Swindon, attendants are provided with a handbook listing the things they must check before issuing a penalty notice.
  • 2

    (of royalty)
    miembro del séquito masculine
    the Queen and her attendants la reina y su séquito
    • Apart from cooks and numerous assistants there were tailors, washermen, attendants to fan their masters, others to keep away fires, and entire hierarchies of housemaids.
    • Her attendants and courtiers, with the aid of local tribals, scoured the foothills of Brahmagiri where they found the eternal Varaha spring.
    • There were some things she did not want to know about her attendants and their personal lives.
    • When his courtiers and attendants had bowed their way out of the room, Valentinian summoned Faustinus into an antechamber.
    • The courtiers, attendants, guards and servants sighed in audible relief.
    • Funds were provided for the eight-strong party of noblemen and ladies, their twelve gentlemen attendants and seventy-five servants.
    • With his father's money and his own ever-growing influence he began to adopt the trappings of power, wearing purple robes and employing scores of attendants.
    • Godric had been his personal attendant since his sixteenth year and the man had been just as preoccupied about the state of Briar's appearance then as he was now.
    • I did not expect you to engage a personal attendant for me; after all in reality I am to be little more than a servant myself.
    • He has several servants and attendants who buzz around the hall, including several dogs.
    • She wasn't a local lord's daughter though, she lacked the herd of gossiping attendants and bodyguards; she had only her horse.
    • There were a few servants and attendants sitting at tables, talking.
    • The courtiers and attendants were left to socialize amongst themselves, and most of the gentlemen found a lady or two to chat amiably with.
    • For the first time in his life, liberated from the small army of attendants and servants, he has opened a door by himself.
    • The effect on the city of Edo was a permanent presence of noblemen and samurai with a huge staff of retainers, attendants and servants.
    • She looked past him, at the bustling servants and attendants entering and leaving the room.


  • 1formal

    parenthood and its attendant responsibilities la paternidad y las responsabilidades que comporta / conlleva
    • Government policy states that increases in water charges should result in an attendant reduction in commercial rates, yet, both continue to rise.
    • With the operation taking twice as long it stands to reason that there will have to be an extra refuse lorry with its attendant driver and loader.
    • Thus, the attendant female is assumed to be the social and genetic mother.
    • Back in the sensorium, the attendant technicians peel adhesive sensors from his chest, temples, groin.
    • Additionally, those people who smoke cannabis are also risking all the attendant problems from the use of tobacco on top of the cannabis and this needs to be thought about too.
    • As the ineffectual lawyer/husband, Wilson fades into the scenery like an attendant lord.
    • These creatures are touted as wonderful companions without the attendant problems caused by real pets and/or other human beings.
    • They maintain that we are individual people from the moment of conception, with the attendant rights to life that entails.
    • Then they become single moms, with the attendant consequences for them, their children and taxpayers alike.
    • That is, there aren't really very clean answers about when embryos should be considered persons, with all the attendant rights.
    • The contract forming a union of two people with its many attendant legal benefits, rules and expectations must be recorded.
    • Despite the magnitude of the problem and the attendant health concerns, the people of Punta Arenas had reason for cautious optimism back in 2000.
    • He was, on the face of it, no more than an accessory to the theatrically gifted and great, an attendant lord but never Hamlet.
    • However, such a finding will lay the firm open to investigation with attendant costs for the company, and these costs may be very significant.
    • The last essay, by Blair Ruble, deals with the problems attendant on the creation of new civic or national symbols.
    • We stepped aside only for a large flock of freshly-shorn sheep that seemed, without attendant farmer or dog, on autopilot back to their field.
    • In other words, significant progress might well be made, but fairly large numbers of troops might still be present, with the attendant casualties and costs.
    • But some people have thoughts as well as feelings about this attendant effect of civilization.
    • Being an attendant lord must be the height of our ambition.
    • I must confess that anything resembling objectivity was corrupted by the rather disturbed presence of my attendant companions.
    • Same ward at night and a toddler without an attendant parent screamed for a full hour while three members of staff chatted and laughed around the desk, until two parents got up and complained.
    • The muscle biopsy can be accomplished as an outpatient procedure and carries the attendant risks of pain, bleeding, infection, and sensory loss.
    • Queries on the database are checked immediately with the attendant physicians or nurses.
    • The attendant physician, possibly overawed by the eminence of his charge, gave a warning which, in the wisdom of hindsight, he probably regretted for the rest of his life.
    • The Prince would produce a rapid succession of sizzling chops, steaks and sausages not only for the guests but also for the attendant staff.
    • This is a youth-based musical culture, which means young promoters and the attendant lack of experience, professionalism and even ethical judgement.
    • The encyclopaedia entry suggests a world of public access - with the attendant limitations to acquiring knowledge according to class and gender.
    • In addition, the reservoir and its attendant roads would provide greater access to this area of the park, thereby reducing fire danger.
    • Mr. Carter had overheard the attendant woman's conversation with Katerri.
    • Nowhere does he emphasize the special moral dangers attendant on an active engagement in war.
    • What is sad is that neither of them can attribute late diagnosis and the attendant complications to social deprivation, poor access to medical care, or any of the factors identified by Fraser et al.
    • The worry caused by the affair and the attendant concern over people's money leaves a bad taste, even if the entire saga was a misunderstanding and everyone gets their money back.
    • If by ‘urban’ we mean the tendency to form society, founding cities with all their attendant rules, then the Harappan people succeeded admirably.
    • Titian preferred to paint the goddess Diana bathing in a curtained colonnade, with her entourage of nymphs and even an attendant slave girl and small dog.
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    (on duty)
    (nurse/doctor) de guardia