Translation of attention in Spanish:


atención, n.

Pronunciation: /əˈtɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n//əˈtɛnʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(concentration)

      atención feminine
      (could I have your) attention, please! ¡atención, por favor!
      • to hold sb's attention mantener la atención de algn
      • to pay attention to sth/sb prestarle atención a algo/algn
      • he doesn't pay attention no atiende
      • they have turned their attention to the European market han pasado a concentrar su atención en el mercado europeo
      • But before I could open the door, the sound of a car pulling up the gravel driveway behind me distracted my attention.
      • Using a preface statement gives me a chance to refocus my attention.
      • As she turned her attention to the people behind her, she realized they had stopped talking.
      • When the Osprey moved on, we turned our attention to the numerous sparrows moving around the field and hedgerow.
      • By June local readers had turned their attention to the European elections.
      • He turned his attentions to spray painting as a technique and exhibited those works in Bangalore in 1990.
      • An avid cricketer when young, he has now turned his attention to polo.
      • It was while in exile in Malaysia in the 90s, that they turned their attention to Australia.
      • The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.
      • The lights and decorations have long since attracted the attentions of locals but now it seems even tourists are taking memories of them home.
      • I then briefly turned my attention to the television and saw that he was watching some kind of war movie.
      • My attention constantly drifted off after I wrote each sentence.
      • At that point he dismissed me as being past redemption and turned his attention to someone else passing by.
      • He studied law in London, but quickly turned his attention to writing.
      • I've recently seen some news that caught my attention.
      • Not that such considerations made any difference when we turned our attention to the menu.
      • At first, he thought it was a aeroplane, because the airport was not far away, but its path and its behavior attracted his attention.
      • Rafael glanced at her for a second then turned his attention to the road again.
      • She merely dropped her smile, opened her folder and turned her attention to her schedule.

    • 1.2(notice)

      atención feminine
      to attract attention llamar la atención
      • to attract sb's attention atraer la atención de algn
      • children do that to get / attract attention los niños hacen eso para que se les haga caso / para que se les preste atención
      • see if you can catch his attention a ver si logras atraer su atención
      • you always have to be the center of attention! ¡siempre tienes que ser el centro de atención!
      • don't pay any attention to her, she's only teasing no le hagas caso, te está tomando el pelo
      • to bring / call sth to sb's attention (inform of) informar a algn de algo
      • it has been brought to my attention/ it has come to my attention that … me han informado / me he enterado de que …
      • I'd like to draw attention to the fact that … quisiera hacerles notar que …
      • I didn't want to draw attention to myself no quería llamar la atención
      • this incident has drawn attention away from the central issue este incidente ha apartado / desviado la atención de la cuestión central
      • Uppermost is paying attention to what is going on there, so I can come home and tell a story that in some way or other is useful to the community.
      • It isn't civilised to draw attention to what divides the human race.
      • It attracted a lot of attention confirming the interest in the whole area of child minding.
      • You’re not paying attention.
      • One caller drew attention to the fact that very many immigrant workers are exploited and abused.
      • It drew attention to the plight of one pregnant woman constantly made to work excessive hours.
      • He also drew attention to the problem of the unacceptable level of absenteeism at the company's Carlow plant.
      • In his keynote address, the mayor drew attention to the hardships faced by the elderly.
      • He drew attention to the things he observed by asking his sons what they thought was happening.
      • He drew attention to three important interrelated factors which he regarded as peculiar to arbitration agreements.
      • I listened with great care and attention to a detailed and lengthy statement from the prime minister.
      • Dr Purver said she had hoped the bullying would go away if she drew attention to it.
      • At the same time I drew attention to the removal of bus services.
      • A police helicopter circling overhead drew attention to the scene.
      • I should have paid attention to what kind of flower this is.
      • He also drew attention to the huge cost of implementing the legislation.
      • He also drew attention to the increased number of youths congregating on school sites after dark to drink.
      • Several speakers drew attention to other victims of police killings and repression.
      • While not a big box office hit, it drew attention to Babi's unconventional Western looks and she won dozens of subsequent roles.
      • Is that the only passage in which the trial judge drew attention to his interest in the outcome of the proceedings?

    • 1.3(care)

      atención feminine
      he needs to show greater attention to detail tiene que ser más minucioso
      • the problem will receive our prompt attention el problema recibirá nuestra inmediata atención
      • the engine needs attention el motor necesita algunos ajustes / arreglos
      • the paint work needs some attention hay que retocar la pintura
      • for the attention of the Sales Department a la atención del departamento de ventas
      • All it needs now is regular care and attention to keep it neat and trim.
      • She soon managed to move out of the refuge and turned her attention to following her dream.
      • Accidents happen because of somebody's lack of care and attention.
      • But there are a few compensations, not least the care and attention she receives.
      • We have teachers and principals who would rather not be bothered with those who need extra attention and care.
      • A great deal of care and attention was paid to the little details that do so much to make the production look authentic.
      • Nationally, the figures showed a huge rise in the number of animals not getting the most basic care and attention.
      • However we are not directing our attentions purely at this market.
      • Their house reflects care and attention, as does their large, beautiful garden.
      • It's a funny and exhilarating movie, which has evidently been made with much care and attention.
      • A little extra care and attention to the problem will make the difference.
      • He pleaded guilty to nine offences of causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide proper care and attention.
      • Obviously, it was just a sign of his lack of care and attention, after all, strimming edges is hardly rocket science, is it?!
      • They live for an incredibly long time and need a lot of care and attention, but they are great companions and very dependable.
      • Many were the hours and days she put in faithfully attending to her work with great care and attention to detail.
      • He also admitted driving without due care and attention and was fined £250 and had his licence endorsed.
      • This is a wonderful experience for both the host family and the child and all it costs is some love, care and attention.
      • Since then, they have turned their attention to fixing roads and keeping people fed.
      • The guy likes being in the hospital and getting all that personal care and attention.
      • Anyone with a medical problem will then be provided with a referral for appropriate medical care and attention.
      • These patients require the same attention and care as those who meet all the criteria.
      • It's so great to see some care and attention given to a TV cartoon, what with the hand painted backgrounds and all.
      • We help patients decide if a problem requires medical attention or even hospital care.
      • Is constant care and attention the only way to hang on to your husband?
      • They stand next to some council flats now looking shamefully in need of care and attention next to their spanking new neighbours.

  • 2

    (of admirer)
    (feminine plural) atenciones
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    to come / stand to attention ponerse en posición de firme(s)
    • to stand at attention estar firme(s)


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    Military ¡firme(s)!