Translation of attentive in Spanish:


atento, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈtɛn(t)ɪv//əˈtɛntɪv/


  • 1

    (caring, considerate)
    (host/husband) atento
    to be attentive to sb ser atento con algn
    • Immediately realising his mistake he is attentive and polite, seeking her forgiveness.
    • The cabin crew often seem more interested in nattering among themselves than in being attentive to passengers.
    • An extensive wine list and attentive service make this restaurant outstanding.
    • Police officers are becoming more polite, attentive and competent, according to a new survey.
    • The ewes are attentive to their own, and stand patiently while lambs feed.
    • Another thing I noticed was that everyone became far more attentive to other people.
    • The service is quick, courteous and attentive without becoming overpowering.
    • We were shown to a choice of tables by polite and attentive staff - as they were throughout the evening.
    • Almost all of us then try to remember the date, fail dismally, feel inadequate and ashamed and resolve to be more attentive to our mothers.
    • It's also very child-friendly, with accommodating and attentive staff.
    • It isn't all bad - the staff here are amiable and attentive to the needs of boozers and diners alike.
    • The bar staff were busy yet managed to serve the drinks in an attentive and flamboyant manner.
    • Because if you love someone, if you are attentive to her, you will not be able to leave her to her own devices.
    • All the dishes were exquisitely presented and the service was polite and attentive.
    • John had seemed the perfect partner, attractive, caring and attentive.
    • Like us they were enjoying the elegant surroundings, attentive service and delicious food.
    • She had been unwell for some years before her death and Willie was most attentive to her needs.
    • He sought comfort by becoming overly attentive to the patient and his family.
    • Our waitress is very attentive and accommodating of our shaky Bulgarian as we make our order.
    • My whole family felt the level of care provided was impressive and the nursing team attentive and sympathetic.
    • They were quite simply impeccable, very attentive, fun but courteous.
    • If someone is unable to be attentive to the needs of others, they cannot be trusted with land.
  • 2

    (audience/student) atento
    to be attentive to sth prestar atención a algo
    • be more attentive to the teacher's advice presta más atención a las recomendaciones del profesor
    • He was very attentive to his work and duties and delighted in a job well done.
    • His inspiring talk was greatly appreciated by the attentive audience.
    • The government need to be attentive to the attitudes of the people in these areas, before they make decisions.
    • So it is important to be attentive to typical symptoms such as sudden dizziness or headaches.
    • The strange fascination of talent shows has made them a spectacle that continues to draw attentive audiences.
    • They are attentive, polite, and keen, and teaching them is easy and fun.
    • Ever attentive to detail, Fanny arrived back brandishing a choice of two.
    • Are you too attentive to your job and not having enough fun?
    • If anything, the rock audience was probably more attentive for longer.
    • Once the audience is attentive, you start feeling the feedback, and continue to learn in the process.
    • Therefore, we need to be ever vigilant and attentive to the status of race in our work as well as in our lives.
    • As a democrat, Nehru was attentive to the rights of the lowly and vulnerable.
    • Everybody liked him at first sight because he was always smiling and was always attentive to the person he was talking to.
    • There is no need to tell you what immense pleasure and instruction Liszt gives his silent and attentive audience.
    • The children watched with interest and were attentive to each step of the process.
    • As India is one of the principal destinations for outsourcing companies, we need to be attentive to this debate.
    • Fighting isn't going to disappear overnight, so be attentive to this in the friendship.
    • Recorded earlier this year, it catches Young introducing his cycle to an attentive Irish audience.
    • Young Marco is instructed by his father to keep his eyes open and be attentive to all that is around him as he walks along Mulberry Street and to report back to him.
    • With Vernon involved, they are certain they are going to get an attentive audience.
    • Jones is earnest and attentive to detail, and promises to work closely with residents on an array of local issues.
    • Special needs institutions can offer intensive teaching in small classes and be attentive to the demands of each pupil.
    • Everyone was so attentive to the songs and that's kind of what dictated the playing.
    • This minority government will last by being progressive and attentive to some of the opposition.