Translation of attest in Spanish:


atestiguar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈtɛst//əˈtɛst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (fact) atestiguar
    (fact) dar fe de
    (signature) autenticar
    (signature) autorizar
    • They had no intention to verify or attest the Deceased's signature.
    • Participants must be present at the venue with bona fide certificates attested by their school head master or principals.
    • Once the forms are signed, candidates have them attested by a gazetted officer before submitting them, in bulk, to the electoral registration officer.
    • One has to produce a colour photograph of the family duly attested by the principal of the school.
    • Skaters desirous of taking part in trials should bring their birth certificates duly attested by principals of their respective schools.
  • 2

    (be proof of)
    • International empirical evidence attests to the large economy-wide returns from public investment in infrastructure.
    • Long-distance trade both east and west is well attested, as well as internal commerce in artefacts and foodstuffs.
    • Both public documents and private testimonies attest this fact.
    • Scientific evidence attested to the portrait's 17th Century origins.
    • International awards like these attest to the film's universal appeal.
    • The popularity of hobbies is attested to by the enormous range of specialist hobby magazines one can find on the shelves of any newsagency.
    • Alexander the Great's managerial ability is attested to by his successes.
    • Compaq's growth, in particular, is attested by anecdotal evidence from industry.
    • Substantial evidence now attests to the extent of doctors' unhappiness with the state of their relationships with managers.
    • America's emotional attachment to flags attests the country's penchant for patriotic spectacle.
    • The image of the human body and its pervasiveness in both thought and literature attest to Alexander Pope's declaration that the only true study of mankind is man himself.
    • The existence of a free labour market here is well attested.
    • The circumstantial evidence all attests to these being excellent translations.
    • The fragility of their beliefs is also attested to by how abusive they become when questioned.
    • Many landmarks attest to the richness of its history.
    • No certain archaeological evidence exists to attest these invasions, and there is still much uncertainty about the route taken and places visited.
    • A mass of evidence attests to the instability of unmarried relationships.
    • Regardless of the evidence attesting to the safety of abortion, the idea that abortion constitutes a health risk remains the subject of debate.
  • 3

    (put on oath)
    (person) poner bajo juramento
  • 4attested past participle

    (libre de enfermedades etc.) certificado

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (be evidence)
    to attest to sth atestiguar algo