Translation of attorney general in Spanish:

attorney general

Ministro de Justicia, n.


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    (in US)
    (at national level) Ministro de Justicia masculine
    (at national level) Ministra de Justicia feminine
    (at state level) Fiscal General feminine
    • If you ask the attorney general for an opinion, your request and that opinion are public record.
    • The refusal of the Government to publish the legal opinion of the Attorney General over the Iraq war is difficult to understand.
    • Yesterday, British politics was gripped by the release of the Attorney General's legal advice.
    • It is now up to the attorney general to name a presidential prosecutor or independent counsel.
    • The question posed by the Attorney General in this reference is in very wide terms.
    • The Attorney General submits that the Judge was wrong in respect of both rulings.
    • I think that he is going to be a great attorney general of the United States.
    • Warrants would be approved by the Attorney General and a federal magistrate or a judge.
    • We are joined now in Miami by Janet Reno, the former attorney general of the United States.
    • While the Attorney General did not mention any precedent, his position is credible.
    • He accused the Government of hiding behind advice from the Attorney General.
    • As the attorney general, you have to be involved in the civil liberties of all Americans.
    • He will be the first Hispanic attorney general of the United States.
    • An attorney general must answer to the president, for he serves at his pleasure.
    • I have made an application to the Attorney General notifying him of the intended legal proceedings.
    • A new Code of Practice on disclosure has been published and the Attorney General has issued revised guidelines.
    • I mean, the attorney general of the United States still has ties to the home area.
    • So why does it matter if the attorney general is a highly ambitious character?
    • The attorney general of the United States had a press conference just a short time ago.
    • The party leader ended up in a war of words with the Attorney General over his advice to the government.
    • He said he was taken by surprise by the Attorney General's change of stance which had come very late.
    • The Attorney General should be involved in order to deal with any public interest issues that might arise.
    • She added that she doubts that politics would play a part in the attorney general's decision.
    • The Attorney General applies for leave to refer the sentence to this Court and we hereby grant that leave.
    • Yesterday, the Government asked the Attorney General for legal advice on the demolition of the flats.
    • He said the team would impose pressure on the Attorney General's Office to speed up its investigation.
    • As attorney general he followed what he believed to be his constitutional duty.
    • We need an attorney general in charge of enforcement over in the Justice Department.
    • Because in some sense, the attorney general sets the moral tone for the country.
    • The attorney general addressed that today and did so in rather aggressive terms.
    • With the support of the Attorney General an injunction could be sought in proceedings for public nuisance.
    • Ultimately, the legal adviser in chief to the British government is the Attorney General.
    • The Attorney General's Advisory Committee was likewise opposed to opting in.
    • I well understand that the role of attorney general is to enforce the law as it is, not as I would have it.
    • All Attorneys General have now provided responses.
    • It is the view of the Attorney General that the total sentence of twelve years was, in all the circumstances, unduly lenient.
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    (in UK)
    Ministro de Justicia masculine
    Ministra de Justicia feminine
    Procurador General de la República masculine
    Procuradora General de la República feminine
    Procurador General de la Nación masculine
    Procuradora General de la Nación feminine
    Fiscal General del Estado masculine