Translation of attune in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈt(j)un//əˈtjuːn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be/become attuned to sth
    • he's very well attuned to her way of thinking está muy en sintonía con su manera de pensar
    • her ear soon became attuned to these sounds su oído pronto aprendió a reconocer estos sonidos
    • The Bochum Symphony Orchestra are attuned to these overtly romantic pieces and both soloists are also top class interpreters.
    • What he has delivered is a powerful and solid opera, beautifully attuned to the expectations of its audience, challenging but never going too far, involving and magical.
    • The 1930s thrillers seem more politically aware and attuned to their times.
    • Catholic health-care leaders themselves are attuned to the problems these developments pose.
    • ‘Effective managers have to be attuned to what's going on in their departments, but they are not psychotherapists,’ states Kipper.
    • We who are attuned to the cycles of Nature and the rhythms of the Earth often feel overwhelmed by the escalating environmental crises.
    • At the same time, he was equipped with a political antenna that was finely attuned to social discontent and class conflict.
    • Members were attuned to the political environment and sought what was politically possible.
    • Stenhammar's art seems far more attuned to the Swedish spirit.
    • Emotions are also more vulnerable to manipulation by marketers, since they are attuned to respond to novelty, and visual stimulus.
    • By being attuned to individual students' personal goals, teachers can assist students who otherwise might give up.
    • Health care practitioners who are not attuned to racial differences may not be aware of unique physical conditions as well.
    • Many editors understood that being more attuned to readers was an important responsibility.
    • Much of Weaver's writing is devoted to the context in which food is grown and eaten, so he is particularly attuned to political contexts.
    • It was a natural growth for a vital composer who had her ears keenly attuned to new developments, and could selectively integrate what she wanted into her own personal idiom.
    • Therefore, the most successful programs were those that were attuned to the future and flexible enough to respond quickly.
    • US politicians are attuned to petroleum's importance to their career prospects.
    • A station that is attuned to your needs, concerns and kind of music.
    • Early learning environments in which teachers are attuned to temperamental differences among children may help to provide a comprehensive basis for the development of skills important for learning.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to attune to sth adaptarse a algo
    • she quickly attuned to New York life enseguida se adaptó a la vida neoyorquina