Translation of audacious in Spanish:


audaz, adj.

Pronunciation /ɔˈdeɪʃəs//ɔːˈdeɪʃəs/


  • 1

    (plan/act) audaz
    (plan/act) atrevido
    • Apparently, organized crime in France is getting to be pretty audacious.
    • Only someone really audacious would take such a risk.
    • Was this audacious accounting, or the kind of thing that at first glance seems like clear misrepresentation?
    • An audacious attack in broad daylight on the fortified U.S. consulate after months of relative quiet.
    • First of all, his work made dear what an audacious venture poetry still could be.
    • He is too sweet, too nice, too inoffensive for the dig at hypocrisy to hit home, and many of the jokes lack the audacious punch of old.
    • It's a shocking, audacious moment - one of the few times the film makes you sit up and take notice.
    • But Eddie's audacious comments about penalty do not stand up to scrutiny.
    • He is audacious, showing such wilful disrespect to the past that one wonders if it ever existed!
    • We need to be more audacious in what we say and do.
    • What a match, what a turnaround and what a scintillating performance by this brave, audacious and talented Welsh team.
    • It is still an audacious work of art after all these years.
    • There is the courage to pursue audacious goals, to empower and to trust your colleagues.
    • The persistently audacious are helped along by a fearless temperament.
    • Today there's a new self-confidence: we're audacious, we're loud and we get things done.
    • In this audacious raid, thieves knocked a hole in the shop wall before making off with equipment valued at about £11,000.
    • The audacious Wood stormed through the game and even managed an attempt at a drop goal in the second half.
    • Artistically audacious, he penned plays, ballets, sketches, and novels.
    • From this dynamic leader's audacious vision has sprung a city that is breathtaking in scale and vision.
    • This would be an audacious move even for someone as bold as Schwarzenegger.
    • He was a man with whom it was impossible to imagine the most audacious student venturing to take a liberty.
    • But the group was rejuvenated by a statement last week that Mr Green was planning to make an audacious and unexpected bid for the company.
    • A few days ago, he delivered the most audacious speech of the presidential season.
    • Today we look at a bold and audacious project that's bringing a fresh approach to the way we understand the ecology of this country.
    • He nonetheless seemed annoyed, and surprised by her audacious, nearly stupid words.
    • With every new book she got more and more audacious, trying out new ways to surprise us.
    • Nonetheless, the film succeeds in holding your attention, mainly to see if they can actually pull off their audacious robbery.
    • Troops and police have been involved in running battles with rebels who launched an audacious series of pre-dawn assaults.
  • 2

    (behavior/person) atrevido
    (person/behavior) descarado