Translation of authoritarian in Spanish:


autoritario, n.

Pronunciation: /ɔːˌθɒrɪˈtɛːrɪən//əˌθɔrəˈtɛriən/


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    autoritario masculine
    autoritaria feminine
    • He has rightly said the political battle is no longer between ideas of the left and the right - but between the ideas of liberals and authoritarians.
    • Cautious optimism reigns; of course anything could happen, and the region's authoritarians aren't going to give up easily.
    • His was a family where fathers were absent figures, authoritarians, and mothers were the ones who communicated and shaped the children.
    • These decisions are simply too important to be made by authoritarians in secret.
    • That's normally been the strategy of the extreme right and the authoritarians.
    • The power structures may have changed, but authoritarians will still abuse power however they can.
    • But the agenda of right-wing authoritarians did not change.
    • The absence of a real, active campaigning democratic left has left a vacuum which the authoritarians have filled.
    • Their dirty little secret is that they know that the majority of Americans are not by nature authoritarians - they are individualists and communitarians.
    • They had expected that reform, if it came at all, would occur gradually and piecemeal, and would be the work of enlightened authoritarians rather than elected representatives.
    • One does not have to go back to ancient Athens to grasp the depressing fact that most authoritarians do not surrender power voluntarily.
    • This enables the authoritarians to bamboozle the people into thinking they are still free.
    • Drug-dealing happens every second of the day, and only the most blinkered authoritarians now think that it can be stomped out through ‘crackdowns’.
    • But as for the majority, my impression is they are far from being instinctive authoritarians.
    • It provided a bridge between the corporate freemarketers and the moral authoritarians who define the poles of the Republican Party.
    • This exposed the long-hidden fault line between authoritarians and libertarians.
    • One of the things that irritate me most in the world is how conservative authoritarians have hijacked the word ‘family’.
    • He was against colonialism and neo-colonialism in all their forms, against racism, elites, and authoritarians of all varieties.
    • There are some ugly signs that such a mood is already spreading, though the hysteria seems more common among authoritarians on both sides in this country than in the more tolerant US.
    • In the end the authoritarians prevailed by consistently outvoting their opponents, and the libertarians were forced out.


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