Translation of authorization in Spanish:


autorización, n.

Pronunciation /ɔːθərʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɔθərəˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    autorización feminine
    authorization for sth/to + inf autorización para algo/para + inf
    • Customers will sign authorisations and receipts on a touch-sensitive pad.
    • The authorizations were personally signed by him.
    • The Committee and the City met on September 21, at which time the Committee presented the City with copies of the authorizations signed by the Sandy Beach leaseholders.
    • Despite having all the appropriate authorisations in their possession, they were unable to produce the program for which they had travelled to the country.
    • If Congress acts and the president signs the annual budget authorizations, then you'll see how meaningless that deal really is.
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    (giving permission)
    autorización feminine
    authorization of the demolition work la autorización de las obras de demolición
    • If he was against the war, then why did he vote for its authorization?
    • But he Eriksson has alleged the pictures were obtained without his authorisation.
    • If the patient decides against the treatment, authorisation and, hence consent, is withheld.
    • The preference of the attending physician and wishes of the family determine whether authorization is obtained.
    • The governor had contended that he wouldn't even need court authorization.
    • The commissioners in each community were also duly informed and their authorization obtained.
    • As a result, third parties may not transform or alter a work without the author's authorization.
    • At no time did he acknowledge a need to obtain congressional authorization.
    • For example, a pathologist will not need to obtain authorization if the research is limited to autopsy samples.
    • This authorisation is obtained by way of ministerial decree.
    • And he revealed police obtained authorisation to secretly record conversations between the two men in a cell.
    • The occupation forces can therefore continue their activities with formal authorization.
    • Approval and authorization was obtained from the Director of Bilingual Education.
    • Companies can only market products if they have authorisation to do so from the Licensing Authority.
    • Therefore, the search was in his opinion warrantless and unreasonable even though judicial authorization had been obtained.
    • Secondly, I think that it's on very, very shaky ground without constitutional authorization.
    • They had obtained authorization to do the foundation earthwork for the school buildings.
    • The problem here is whether the police force have obtained the proper authorization to monitor innocent people.
    • Both parties involved would need to attend one of the specialist register offices in person to obtain authorisation.
    • To ensure the quality, traders should be asked to obtain necessary authorisation.
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    autorización feminine